Place Saint-Georges square in Paris

The Place Saint-Georges has an unusual fountain in its centre, yet one of the historical buildings surrounding it is now home to a library museum that belonged to a former French Prime Minister.

About Place Saint-Georges in Paris

The Place saint-Georges is a very little known square in Paris, which is situated at an intersection of the Rue Saint-Georges and the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, and it was back in the 1820s that land around this area was divided up and people had houses constructed.
Place Saint-Georges buildings
And one of these mansion houses known as Hotels, was constructed by Alexis Dosne and when Adolphe Thiers married his daughter Elise, this property became known as the Hotel Dosne-Thiers, where they lived from 1840 onwards.

Louis Adolphe Thiers was a French Politian and also Prime Minsiter at one point, but unfortunately, his home had to be reconstructed on the Place Saint-Georges after the Paris Commune when it was severely damaged, but as well as a Politian, he was also an avid writer and historian.

The Hotel Dosne-Thiers was eventually donated to the Institut de France by his sister-in-law and became the Bibliotheque Thiers, which is an impressive library and museum in Paris that holds one of the worlds largest collections from the First French Empire, which is still located in the mansion on the Place Saint-Georges today.
Yet also within the square of the Place Saint-Georges you can get to see a fountain that was first put in place for horses to drink from, but this was completed stopped and dried up when the new Metro station was put in place in 1906.

And in 1911 a statue was positioned on the old fountain of the designer Paul Gavarni and on its base you will see it is embossed, also known as a relief.  And this is a scene of the Carnival of Paris with three different characters, which was designed this way, because Garvarni had specialised in the representation of the carnival figure.

Now this particular fountain is now the only monument in Paris that is directly related to the Carnival of Paris from yesteryear, so it is well worth visiting this bit of history in Paris if you have a chance.
Place Saint-Georges monument
Place Saint-Georges Paris

Visiting Place Saint-Georges Square

The Place Saint-Georges is located in the heart of the 9th Arrondissement of the city, and as we quickly mentioned earlier, there is a Metro station of the same name that has a stop right here that can be accessed via line 12.