Moulin Rouge Cabaret in Paris

The Moulin Rouge has become one of the icons in Paris and this is a cabaret venue, which many think of as the home of the French Cancan, and even today, after well over 100 years, it still attracts visitors from all over the world that want to experience this famous tourist attraction in Paris.

About the Moulin Rouge

The history of the Moulin Rouge is fascinating, especially how it developed over the years along with the introduction of the French Cancan, yet alone the amount of artists it has seen rise to stardom and the many famous international celebrities it has played host to over the years.
Moulin Rouge Paris
In fact, many international stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Elton John, Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli have performed on stage at the Moulin Rouge and all have followed in the footsteps of French celebrities such as Maurice Chevalier and Edith Piaf.

In addition to this, the Moulin Rouge was also the title of a book by Pierre La Mure, which was adapted in 1952 into a film called Moulin Rouge, and starred Jose Ferrer and Zsa-Zsa Gabor.  Plus there was another film produced in 2001 called Moulin Rouge! that starred Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, yet alone the amount of paintings, drawings and posters from the past including those by the famous Toulouse-Lautrec painter who was often seen at this cabaret in Paris.

Now originally the venue was designed to be totally different and unusual, both from the outside with its unusual quirks and the inside with its extravagant yet elegant atmosphere.  And even today you cannot miss seeing the Moulin Rouge from a distance due to the red windmill that is still the prominent feature on top of the venue, which is why it has that very name, as this was also thought of to represent the Montmartre area that used to have many mills.

And inside is like taking a step back in time to the Belle Epoque era with authentic mural paintings and Morris columns with original posters from some of the stars such as Edith Piaf and Mistinguett, plus each table has a soft light from emblematic red lamps, which provides a warm atmosphere to this Paris cabaret venue.
The shows, or revues as they are called, are choreographed and envisioned with such perfection, that they still hold the awe and amazement as they did many years ago, and due to superstition with something that was started back in the 1960s, they always carry a name that starts with the letter F, and this is just another part of the history of the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris that still continues to this day.

The Moulin Rouge has remained a popular tourist attraction in Paris for over a century, which still offers music, dance, cabaret, many different acts from around the world including mime, acrobats, singers and much more, yet still includes the romance and risque factor from turn-of-the-century France.

And thanks to the French Cancan, which was immortalised by the painter Toulouse-Lautrec, the Moulin Rouge has always presented sumptuous shows to its spectators with the same concepts as those from yesteryear, but still has a dinner show, which was first envisioned in the mid 1950s and is still run by Dalloyou today.

The Moulin Rouge Revue

The latest revue at the Moulin Rouge in 2012 is called Feerie and features a list of 80 artists from around the world with international acts including acrobats and a world renowned juggler, not forgetting the 60 exceptional girls.  And everything is performed to original music recorded by 80 musicians and 60 chorus singers.  But it is not necessarily about just the performers, as they all need sets and costumes.
Moulin Rouge performance
Moulin Rouge cabaret show
Incredibly there are around 1000 different costumes with rhinestones, feathers and sequins that have been made by some of the top famous Paris workshops and the spectacular sets have been designed by Italian artists.

In addition to this, the newest revue sees the long awaited return of the famous aquarium, which was originally the idea of Jacki Clerico who had this constructed back in the 1950s.

And even though the majority of the show is in French, it does not take away from the awe of the revue or ruin it in any way, even if you do not understand the songs or do not know any of the French language.

Booking a Show at the Moulin Rouge

You can opt to just go and see the show at either 9pm or 11pm at a cost of €95 per person or for an additional €10 you can have a glass of champagne or other drink.
Moulin Rouge dancer
There is of course the dinner show option and you would enjoy a three course meal at 7pm followed by the show at 9pm and there are different menus available to choose from including a vegetarian option and a set menu Vegan option.  The dinner show is either a cost of €175 or €200 as of 2012 depending upon which menu you choose and this also includes a half bottle of champagne.

Some of the delights on offer could be Stuffed Dover Sole with tangy cream and young shoots in salad followed by a main course of Sauted veal with white supreme sauce, pilaf rice and small white onions.  Another option and this time on the more expensive menu could be Duck Foie Gras with sea salt, mango vinaigrette, roquette salad and grilled toast followed by a main course of Sirloin Steak, small fried potatoes with thyme, French beans with fresh butter and pepper sauce.  However, there is also an a la carte menu available with far more choices, yet the cost of this does not include any drinks or the show itself, which are all additional.

Now at this stage we would like to point out that children under the age of 6 are not allowed, yet children under the age of 12 can watch the show with a soft drink for €50 as of 2012, and the dinner show is a cost of either €120 or €145.
Moulin Rouge cabaret performers
Moulin Rouge cabaret
In addition to these options, the Moulin Rouge Cabaret is providing Matinees on certain dates such as Sunday, 3rd March 2013 or Sunday, 17 March 2013.  For these you can opt for just the Show Feerie, which starts at 2.45pm and this is a cost of €105 including a half bottle of champagne per person.  Alternatively, you can opt for a set three course lunch with champagne and the whole afternoon starts at 1pm and does not finish until 4.45pm when the Feerie revue finishes and this is a cost of €145 per person.

Plus on top of all this they have special menus and shows for certain times of the year, such as Christmas and the pricing for these will vary, so it is wise to check and also book well in advance.

Reservations, bookings and enquiries can be made via telephone, fax or via email and you can also book your tickets online.

Access to the Moulin Rouge in Paris

As we did mention previously, children under the age of 6 are not allowed into the Moulin Rouge.  For children over this age, it is up to the parents discretion as to whether the revue will be suitable for them or not, as there is some mild nudity, but the majority of the show should not be offensive to most.
Moulin Rouge headdress
Elegant attire is required although jackets and ties are not necessary, but if you do turn up in shorts, sportswear, trainers, etc, then you will not be permitted into the venue, even if you have booked!

It is wise to book your tickets in advance, as there are often long queues on the day just trying to get a ticket, especially at certain times of the year, which means that you cannot guarantee to get in.  And even if you have already booked, you must arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of either the dinner or show, which allows time for everyone to be seated and do bear in mind that you will still have the queue at the door to deal with!

Now due to the popularity of this famous landmark in Paris, it does get very crowded and many of the tables are quite large accommodating eight or more people, so even if you are a couple on your own, do not be surprised if you are put on a table with other people you have never met before!

The Moulin Rouge is located in the 18th Arrondissement, right in the heart of the Montmartre area in the red light district, which many people describe as very seedy with its sex shops and peep shows.  And although it is still classed as a relatively safe place in Paris, we would recommend arranging transport for after the show has finished, rather than walking these streets, even though they are often thriving with tourists from all over the world.