Espace Dali Museum in Paris

The Espace Dali is an art museum in Paris dedicated to the work of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and is the only art exhibition that is dedicated to Dali in France, and it is here you can experience some of his most well known works including sculptures and paintings.

About the Espace Dali Museum

Salvador Dali had a very controversial personality, but was an extraordinary man who was born in Catalonia Spain, yet spent time in Paris and in the United States, before returning to his home town of Figueres.
Espace Dali Museum woks of art
And although this museum is small, it is a very unusual experience with its black walls and unusual lighting, which shows the same attributes by defying conventional aesthetics, and therefore provides a great insight into the life and works of this famous surrealist artist.

This museum manages to capture the artists love for the incredible, the fantastic and the bizarre, along with his passion for grand metaphysical, religious and scientific themes, so that you can discover the creative process that produced some of the most famous works of Salvador Dali.

The Espace Dali holds a unique collection of original sculptures and graphics by Salvador Dali, the Catalan master, and is the only place in France that is dedicated to him, plus it has the largest collection of his sculptures within the world.

In fact, this is a private museum in Paris that was first founded by Beniamino Levi back in 1991, and not only a collector of art and the curator of Espace Dala, he is classed as an expert in Modern Art who can describe, analyze, exhibit, and maintain collections.
Although this is a very little known museum, the Espace Dali can be a pleasant escape from the crowds of Montmartre and there are over 300 different works of art on display including graphics, sculptures, glass works, furniture and much more, many of which were purchased by Beniamino Levi himself.

Having met Salvador Dali in the 1960s and becoming fascinated with this artist and his work, Levi commissioned him to produce some sculptures classed as the bronze sculpture project, which you can enjoy within the sculpture section of the museum.

Often travelling to see Salvador Dali at his homes in Paris, New York and Spain, Beniamino Levi has lectured and written books about the artist and is now classed as the world expert on Dali, and Levi has also been instrumental in helping other modern art museums with exhibitions including one for Pablo Picasso as well.

You will find that the Espace Dali has a very unusual, yet great atmosphere for all the family and even children will be able to recognise the collection of prints, original sculptures and engravings that Salvador Dali made for an illustrated edition of Alice in Wonderland.
Caterpillar painting inside Espace Dali Museum
Dalinean Horses at Espace Dali Museum
And if you are familiar with the work of Salvador Dali, you will discover many pieces that have recurring themes such as melting clocks and pocket watches, which is what this surrealist artist is most well known for.

There is also a gift shop selling numerous different items such as books, posters, lithographs, even perfume for which he designed the bottles and much more for a lasting memory of your visit.

However, if you have a bit more expendable income, then a visit to the Espace Dali Gallery next to the exhibition space is well worth it, as it offers a unique collection of limited edition sculptures and engravings that you can purchase, and this is also open from 10am through to 6pm when the museum is open.

Visiting the Espace Dali Museum in Paris

Espace Dali rhinoceros sculptue
The Espace Dali Museum is open all year round from 10am through to 6pm, however there is late closing in July and August when it is open until 8pm.

As of 2018 the cost of entry is €11.50 for adults, but children and students up until the age of 26 are only a cost of €7, however children under the age of 8 get free entry, providing they are accompanied by a full paying adult.

You can also utilise an audio guide, which is a cost of €3.50 and this is available in eight different languages including French, English and Spanish.  But you can also book a guided visit in different languages for a maximum of between 20 and 30 people, yet this is an additional cost on top of the cost of entry, which is at a reduced cost for groups.

There is also a dedicated audio guide for children along with the option of purchasing a games leaflet designed for those aged between 3 and 7 or 8 to 12, however, at present these options are only available in French.
Saint George and the Dragon at Espace Dali Museum
Neptune painting at Espace Dali Museum
However, if you are not able to get to see the Espace Dali or are not in this area of Paris, there is a Salvador Dali sundial you can discover in the 5th Arrondissement that was produced by this famous surrealist artist.

Access to the Espace Dali Museum

When travelling to the Espace Dali Museum it is located in the middle of the Montmartre village and is not directly accessible by coach or one of the bus tours in Paris, however, there is a coach stop located at the bottom of Butte Montmartre on Boulevard Rochechouart.

The museum and its gallery is located in the 18th Arrondissement of Paris only around 50 metres behind the Place du Tertre, and you will find that is also close to other tourist attractions including the Sacre Coeur Basilica.

To access the museum on foot, you would go up the hill via the stairs or via the Funicular, which is the cable car spelt Funiculaire in French, and once at the top you turn left following the direction of Place du Tertre.
Melting clock inside Espace Dali Museum
You will find that the nearest Metro stations are the Anvers stop on line 2 or the Abbesses stop on line 12, followed by the funicular, or alternatively in the opposite direction to the north of the Espace Dali there is the Lamarck-Caulaincourt  stop also serving line 12.

However, you could also reach the Espace Dali by bus, called the Montmartrobus, which are the dedicated smaller buses that navigate the narrow winding streets of the Montmartre area that cannot be accessed by the larger buses in Paris.

Although, if you wish to have a tour of Montmartre, there is also the Promotrain called the Petit Train du Montmartre, which takes you on a discovery tour of the area and is located close to Blanche Metro station and goes by near to this museum.