Halle Saint Pierre museum in Paris

The Halle Saint Pierre is a cultural centre and contemporary art museum also referred to as the Musee d'Art Naif - Max Fourny, which brings together unique and unusual collections of contemporary art in temporary exhibitions highlighting many artists, plus provides lectures, conferences, concerts and much more.

About the Halle Saint Pierre in Paris

It all started back in 1995 when the Art Brut and Company inaugurated the cultural project of the Halle Saint Pierre with an exhibition that brought together five major collections of raw and unique art, which is also referred to as the Musee d'Art Naif - Max Fourny.
Halle Saint Pierre art work
Since then this museum in Paris has hosted more than fifty different exhibitions and continued its mission of researching unusual and unconventional forms of contemporary art to bring these to the attention of tourists and the general public.

Even if you live in the city or are just on holiday in Paris, you will find that the exhibitions are always changing approximately every two months, although there is always one particular exhibition project that runs for several months.

From mid July 2013 through to mid August 2014 the main exhibition was called Raw Vision that celebrates 25 years of the magazine dedicated to all forms of outsider artistic creation.  With over 80 different artists creations displayed, it  covered international trends and unusual classics through to the unexpected, which was designed to bring what is known as Outsider Art, more into the public eye.

Whereas another exhibition in 2018 was called The Genius of the Modest, which was running from the start of April through to the end of June and focused on both Art Brut and Singular Art, again with numerous different artists displaying works.
However, the Halle Saint Pierre also has an auditorium and conducts numerous different lectures, conferences, discussions, poetry readings, concerts and performances, even book signings, etc, and although some of these are free, others are charged for, but it is always recommended to make a reservation by telephone on +33 (0) 1 42 58 72 89.

Visiting the Halle Saint Pierre museum in Paris

The Halle Saint Pierre is located in the 18th Arrondissement in the Montmartre area of Paris close to the Square Louise Michel and the Funicular, which is the cable car that allows you to avoid numerous steps up towards the Sacre Coeur Basilica.

This contemporary museum also known as the Musee d'Art Naif - Max Fourny is open from 11am through to 6pm on a Monday to Friday, yet on a Saturday it is open from 11am to 7pm and on a Sunday from midday through to 6pm.
Wooden contemporary art at Halle Saint Pierre
Halle Saint Pierre building
However, we would like to point out that the Halle Saint Pierre closes on national French holidays such as 1st May and 15th August, in addition to an annual closing during the festive season, plus the last time for entry is one hour before closing time.

The Cafe within the Halle Saint Pierre is open at the same times as this museum, however, it is always closed on a Monday, plus there are exceptional dates where you will find it closed, but it is a great place to enjoy a break with a coffee and light snack.

The cost of admission is €9 as of 2018 with reduced costs applicable to certain people such as the disabled or those under the age of 15 along with groups that have booked prior.

There is disabled access with a lift along with dedicated toilets for those with mobility problems or wheelchair users, plus there is a participation fee for certain events held within the auditorium such as concerts, which are a cost of €10.
Contemporary art at Halle Saint Pierre
We would however, like to point out that pushchairs are not allowed in the exhibition areas, and the auditorium sessions are not designed with young children in mind, plus any bulky items such as coats, umbrellas, rucksacks and reasonably large bags, must be placed into one of the free lockers before visiting the exhibitions or the auditorium.

Access to the Halle Saint Pierre

When it comes to getting to this cultural centre and museum via public transport in Paris you will find it located in the 18th Arrondissement within the Montmartre area and the nearest Metro Station is the Abbesses stop serving line 12 to the west, but to the south you have the Anvers stop serving line 2, and to the east is the Barbes - Rochechouart stop serving lines 2 and 4.

We mentioned earlier that the Halle Saint Pierre is located close to the Funiculaire, which helps you avoid numerous steps going up the Butte Montmartre Hill and the only buses that travel around this area due to the narrow, winding streets is the Montmartrobus.

Alternatively, the standard bus lines 30, 54 and 85 along with the Noctilien Night Bus Service via lines N01 and N02 will also get you within walking distance of this and numerous other tourist attractions in this area of Paris.