Square Montholon in Paris

This square in Paris was created in the 1860s and has two enormous plane trees, along with numerous other varieties of trees, bushes and flowers, a statue and a childrens playground all surrounded by an ornate wrought iron fence.

About Square Monthon

The Square Montholon is one of 24 gardens in Paris that was designed by Jean Charles Adolphe Alphand during the redevelopment of the city by Baron Haussmann in the Second Empire between 1862 and 1863, and is actually the largest park in this particular area.
Square Montholon Paris
On the outside you will see wrought iron ornate railings surrounding the square in a King Louis Philippe style, and this square in Paris was named after Nicolas de Montholon who was a French magistrate and politician coming from a Noble family, who became the first president of the Parliament of Metz.

When visiting the Square Montholon you will be able to discover two terraces and in the centre of the square there are two extremely large and old Oriental plane trees, one of which was planted back in 1872 and is now over 32 metres high and has a circumference of well over 4 metres.

However, the whole area was renovated in 1981, and there is also now a childrens playground as well as a basketball court, yet for those of you who prefer to relax, there are lots of park benches and a wide variety of other species of trees including maples, cedars, beeches, alder, acacia trees, etc.  Yet the flora does not stop there, as there shrubs, bushes and a wide variety of different flowers including flower baskets and roses, which makes this a little haven for fauna including birds such as blue tits and great tits that nest here.
But the Square Montholon is also home to one of the many statues in Paris, and this sculpture group called La Sainte-Catherine was produced by Lorueix as a tribute to workers within the district, and was put in place in 1925.

Visiting Square Montholon

You will find the Square Montholon located in the 9th Arrondissement close to numerous different restaurants and hotels, and the nearest Metro stations are the Cadet stop or the Poissonniere stop both serving Metro Line 7, but there is also a Velib station close by if you are utilising the bike rental system in Paris for getting around.  However if you are utilising the public transport buses, then the bus line 26, 32, 42, 43 and 48 will also get you close by.

And this square in Paris is normally open 8am through to around 9.30pm of an evening, although it can close earlier during winter months and open later at weekends, but you may be pleased to know that it is partially accessible to the disabled and wheelchair users.