The Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie museum in Paris

This is the Freemasonry museum in Paris that was first founded back in the 1800s, yet has only been open to the public in recent years, and retraces the history of lodges in France and their contribution to the history over the centuries.

About Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie Museum

Even though the Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie was first founded in 1889, unfortunately much of the collection was destroyed when Paris was under occupation, yet it gradually started to restore the different collections and opened again in 1973, but not to the general public.
Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie displays
Yet since that time, the collections have grown immensely and by the year 2000, the Museum of Freemasonry was able to open its doors to regular visitors and those on holiday within the city, and by 2003, it was then re-named the Museum of France by the Ministry of Culture.

Now this is a truly unusual museum in Paris, yet a must see in order to understand the imprint of Freemasonry over the centuries and the importance of Masonic heritage, and you will be able to discover some very rare documents including the first edition of Anderson’s Constitutions of 1723, along with item like the apron of Voltaire or the sword of Venerable Lafayette.

You will be able to discover and learn more about the legends, symbols, the very roots of Freemasonry through to Freemasonry during the Empire, the French Revolution, how it has changed over the years and how it is today.
There are numerous exhibits at the Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie including treasures of Masonic heritage, objects that belonged to different lodges, seals, medals, paintings, jewellery, prints, books, manuscripts and even personal items.  And there is even a portrait of Comte de Clermont, who was the Grand Master from 1743 through to 1771, which is just another rare item in this unique collection.

Visiting Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie

You will find the Museum of Freemasonry in Paris open on a Tuesday through to a Friday from 10am to 12.30pm and then from 2pm through to 6pm.  On a Saturday this museum is open from 10am through to 1pm and then from 2pm through to 7pm, however, it is always closed on Sundays, Mondays and on all National French holidays.  It also appears that the museum closes during the festive season from around the 20th December to 5th January.

The cost of entry is €6 as of 2014, however, there is a discounted rate of only €4 for senior citizens and students, yet it is completely free to those under the age of 18, but if you are looking at visiting this museum in a group, then you would need to contact the Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie prior.
Freemasonry artefacts at Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie
Medals at Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie
Guided tours of the museum and temples are also available and these are currently scheduled on a Saturday at 2.30pm and 4pm with registration being the same day at the reception desk, however we would like to point out that there is an additional €7 charge per person on top of the relevant entrance fee.

Yet you may also be pleased to know that this museum in Paris is accessible to the disabled with a lift in place for wheelchair users, however, they do recommend that you have a companion with you for additional ease of getting around.

Now when it comes to getting to the Musee de la Franc-Maconnerie via public transport in Paris, you will find that the nearest Metro stations are either the Cadet or the Le Peletier stops via line 7 or the Grands Boulevards stop via lines 8 or 9.