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HD photographs of Aristarque statue on Aile Lemercier at Musee du Louvre - Page 924

While we were in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris at the Musee du Louvre, we took these high definition photos showing a statue called Aristarque, which was initially sculpted by Georges Diebolt and finished by Louis Merley.

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Aristarque Statue Aile Lemercier Musee Du Louvre

This first HD photo shows the statue of Aristarque and in English this is spelt Aristarchus, and this was designed to depict Aristarchus of Samos whose dates of birth and death were around 310 - 230 BC and he was an ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer who first conceived the idea with drawings and a model, etc that the sun was the fixed centre of the universe and the earth moved around it.

Although his theories were often rejected for others that were incorrect, Aristarchis of Samos also theorised that other stars were suns, the universe was far larger than people before him believed, plus he even managed to put the planets in their correct order as the distance from the sun.

Marble Aristarque Statue By Georges Diebolt

Now when the Palais du Louvre was being restored and completely transformed hundred of additional embellishments were added, and each sculptor had to produce a plaster model, which had to be accepted by the architects, prior to a stone or marble statue being executed.

And it was Georges Diebolt who was born in 1816 that was commissioned for this particular marble statue of Aristarque, and he was a highly regarded sculptor with a prolific, yet short career, as unfortunately he died at the young age of only 45.

Therefore the Aristarchis statue was completed by Louis Merley, who was born in 1815, and although a sculptor, he is most well recognised as being a medallist and engraver producing coins for the French mint along with different medals.

East Facade Aile Lemercier Aristarque Statue

So here you can see the Aristarque statue located within a niche on the ground floor of the Aile Lemercier facade, and when you are looking at this wing from the courtyard of the Louvre Museum called the Cour Carree, you will see that this was put in place in 1866 as the third statue from the left hand side.

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