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High Definition photos of the Geode Cinema at Cite des Sciences in Paris France

These HD photographs show The Geode Cinema that was constructed in the mid 1980s within Parc de la Villette in Paris, and today it is the most attended cinema in the whole of France, which maybe partly due to its unique structure, but it also has the largest hemispherical screens in the world that show very large format movies.
Photo of the Geode Cinema with the Cite des Sciences reflecting on its stainless steel surface

The Geode Cinema

As we were standing close to the entrance to the Science and Industry museum we took this photo to try and give you an idea of the size of the geodesic structure called the Geode, which in fact is 26 metres in diameter, and yet the inside is just as impressive as it has one of the largest movie screens in the world.

This HD picture shows a view of the Geode Cinema along with the front of Cite des Sciences

Geode Cinema And Cite des Sciences

The impressive Geode, like a shiny ball is in complete contrast to the sharp lines of the modern building of the Cite des sciences next to it, yet both of these were designed by the same architect and engineer, called Adrien Fainsilber, and incredibly, the Geode weighs in at approximately 5000 tons.

Upper level walkway up to the Geode Cinema with cafe on lower level just below the sphere

Geode Cinema And Cafe

The concept for the Parc de la Villette was to combine modern architecture with greenery and three main elements of vegetation, water and light in an design that would work in harmony to be a cultural area of Paris with numerous tourist attractions like the Geode, which is the sphere you can see in this picture along with the reflection of the Cite des Sciences.

HD photo of the Geodes stainless steel surface

Geodes Stainless Steel

This is a photo we took while standing close to the reflective sphere of the Geode that was first opened in 1985 one year before the Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie museum, which you can see behind this unusual yet popular cinema.

The Geode sphere with its reflective surface almost disappearing in to the skyline

Geode Disappearing

The Geode is a very impressive piece of architectural engineering that looks good with the reflections it creates, like you can see from this photo we took, yet it also has a purpose and some just as impressive statistics on the inside, including a projector that weighs over 2 tonnes in itself and if the top of the Geode dome were to be opened, the light from this could be seen from the moon.

Close up HD photo of the Geode Cinema triangle panels that are made out of high grade stainless steel

Geodes Triangle Panels

We took this very close up photo showing just a few of the 6000 plus polished stainless steel triangles that make up the outside of the Geode, and these provide some very unusual effects showing the surroundings and other visitors to this incredible tourist attraction in Paris, which sees over half a million people watching a film here each year.

The Geode Cinema in Parc de la Villette just in front of Cite des Sciences

Geode Cinema In Parc De La Villette

This is a photo we took of the Geode and although you can see a fabulous reflection from the reflective surface, you can also see that the exterior is made up of triangles, and incredibly there are 6433 of these polished stainless steel triangles that have designed to act like a mirror. 

Panoramic photo of the Geode Cinema upper level

Panoramic Geode Cinema Upper Level

This panoramic photograph shows the Geode sphere, which is equivalent approximately to a 12 storeys high building, and with its perfectly smooth reflective outside, it really stands out as one of the modern monuments in Paris amongst the other tourist attractions in this large park in the city.

Panoramic photo of reflections off the Geode Cinema

Panoramic Geode Refections

In this particular panoramic photo of the Geode, as you can no doubt tell, it is surrounded by water providing some lovely reflective illusions, not just along its stainless steel surface, but reflecting sun light down on to the water surface then on to the surrounding buildings.

View of the Geode Cinema from Allee du Canal

Geode Cinema From Allee Du Canal

In this photo taken from Allee du Canal, you can see the polished stainless steel panels of the Geode sphere are starting to blend together turning this in to one giant reflective ball, which really does stand out and makes this a spectacular sight on a lovely sunny day, and just in case you needed to know this building style has a technical name of a geodesic structure.

Photo of the Geodes base with its water feature

The Geode And Its Water

Here is a close up photo we took showing just a small part of the Geode with the water that surrounds it, and if you look carefully at the reflective panels in this image, you can just make out the different walkways and buildings that surround this sphere.

Picture of the sun reflecting on the Geode surface

Sun Reflecting On The Geode

Against a backdrop of a beautiful blue sky, this is another picture we took of the Geode from a different angle showing the water that surrounds it and the reflection, which shows a part of the Parc de la Villette that is located within the 19th Arrondissement of the city.

Photograph showing part of Parc de la Villette reflecting on the Geode Cinema panels

Parc De La Villette On The Geode

The Geode is home to a very impressive cinema and referred to as one of the modern monuments in Paris, this large sphere located in the Parc de la Villette cultural park is also close to many other tourist attractions that make this an ideal area for all the family to visit.

View of the Geode standing on its South East side

Geode South East Side

Located within the largest park in Paris in the 19th Arrondissement, this large sphere was a feat of engineering that was designed by the architects Adrien and Gerard Fainsilber and took over two years to complete, and as you can tell from this photo, it provides a great perspective of the Villette Parc in the reflection going far behind us towards the Canal de l'Ourcq.

This picture was taken on the upper level looking at the North West side of the Geode Cinema

Geode Cinema North West Side

The concept for the Parc de la Villette was to combine modern architecture with greenery and three main elements of vegetation, water and light in an design that would work in harmony to be a cultural area of Paris with numerous tourist attractions that would enthral the whole family, and the Geode, which is the sphere you can see in this picture is just one of the many unusual attractions you can visit.

The Geode Cinema with the Cite des Sciences building

Geode Cinema And Cite Des Sciences

A popular are of Paris for both locals and tourists, the Geode and the City des Sciences et de l'Industrie behind it are two popular tourist attractions and modern monuments that see millions of visitors every year, yet with the amount of grass in between these and the canal, it is an ideal area for relaxation or a picnic.

This photograph of the Geode was taken while standing on Allee du Cercle within Parc de la Villette

Geode Viewed From Allee Du Cercle

There are some unusual and futuristic styled buildings that have been constructed within this park in Paris, which is home to museums, music venues and cultural centres, just like some of the architecture you can see here amidst the greenery including the fabulous Geode sphere looming up into the skyline that you can also see in this image.

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