High Definition photos of Canal Saint-Martin in Paris France

This set of high definition photos show the southern end of Canal Saint-Martin, that is also known as Port de l'Arsennal, and it is this part of the canal that connects to the River Seine before it travels north above and underground, eventually connecting to Bassin de la Villette and the Canal de l'Ourcq.

HD photo showing Canal Saint-Martin with some of its pleasure boats moored up

Canal Saint-Martin pleasure boats
This is the pleasure boat marina called the Bassin de l'Arsenal, which is located on the Canal Saint-Martin, and in this image we are looking towards the Pont Morland bridge and the floodgate, which is in fact one of the oldest parts of the canal that dates back to the early part of the 1800s, when it was first constructed under the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte.

This boat within Canal Saint-Martin shows that not all boats need to be boring

Canal Saint-Martin colourful boat
This is a photo we took of a part of the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris with a rather unusual and very colourful boat that is more like a traditional barge, which was moored up at the Port de l'Arsenal marina, and it certainly stands out against the motor cruiser next to it in the image.

This photo of Canal Saint-Martin is looking towards Bastille Square with its July column in the skyline

Canal Saint-Martin Bastilles Column
The Canal Saint-Martin in Paris is approximately 4.5 kilometres in length and goes from the River Seine up to the Parc de la Villette where you can discover another canal and much of it is underground, but we took this photo of one part of the canal that is open, and with this view you can see the fabulous July Column, at the end of the canal, that sits in the middle of the Bastille square.

This picture shows the Port de l'Arsenal harbour offices alongside the Canal Saint-Martin

Port de l'Arsenal offices at Canal Saint-Martin
This is a picture we took showing the offices of the Arsenal pleasure port in Paris, which as you can tell, is called the Port de Plaisance de Paris Arsenal, and it is located on the bank of the Canal Saint-Martin close to the River Seine end of the canal, which monitors everything from safety, regulations, the boats and moorings, plus much more, which also ensures enjoyment for both locals and tourists.

Photo showing Le Grand Bleu restaurant that sits next to Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint-Martin Grand Bleu restaurant
While standing on the opposite bank when we took this photo looking over to the Grand Bleu restaurant and bar, which as you can no doubt tell from this image, it is a popular place to sit and have a drink especially in the shade of the trees where you can relax out of the sun on their terrace overlooking the Canal Saint-Martin and the Port de l'Arsenal marina with its pleasure boats.

Sunbathers enjoying the weather along the Canal Saint-Martin waters edge

Canal Saint-Martin sunbathers
Even in the heart of a city, you will find areas for relaxation and Paris is no exception, and in this picture you can see one of the more unusual spots that some locals have found for sunbathing by the waters edge of the Canal Saint-Martin next to one of its tunnel sections and just below the Metro station.

This photo shows the upper tree lined public footpath that runs alongside Canal Saint-Martin

Footpath next to Canal Saint-Martin
Here you can see some of the pleasure boats moored at the Bassin de l'Arsenal, which was once a port on the Canal Saint-Martin, right by the River Seine, but over the years the amount of cargo barges utilising the port dwindled and the area became in a state of disrepair, that is until the 1980s when the Port de l'Arsenal was turned into a leisure boat marina on the Canal Saint-Martin.

Picture showing the Canal Saint-Martin southern end that connects to the River Seine

Canal Saint-Martin southern end
Boats and barges of all shapes and sizes along with those just used for pleasure cruises to ones kitted as houseboats for rental or all year round living, can all be found on the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, and in this image you can see just a few of these moored up at the Port de l'Arsenal marina on one section of the canal.

Photo of a true green boat with its own lawn growing on its roof tops within Canal Saint-Martin

Green boat on Canal Saint-Martin
While we were standing by the Canal Saint Martin we were looking towards the Place de la Bastille, which is a famous square in Paris, and the modern building you can see in this photograph with the flags flying on top is actually the Opera Bastille, which is now just as popular as the original opera house called the Palais Garnier.

The sightseeing cruise boat of Canauxrama Croisieres docked on Canal Saint-Martin

Canauxrama Croisieres boat on Canal Saint-Martin
Here you can see a photograph we took of the Canauxrama leisure cruise boat, which was moored at its dock on the canal Saint-Martin, and this company operates pleasure cruises for tourists on holiday in Paris up down this stretch of water with its nine locks and on the Canal de l'Ourcq that the Canal Saint-Martin meets, which is a different alternative to the River Seine cruises where a part is even in tunnels.

HD photo of boats moored on Canal Saint-Martin close to its tunnel entrance

Boats moored on Canal Saint-Martin
This is a photo of the Canal Saint-Martin that we took looking down towards a part that goes underground, and to give you a bit more of a perspective, the River Seine would be behind us, and the Place de la Bastille square is beyond the trees, and it is this direct that the canal goes to meet up with the Canal de l'Ourcq.

Some of the smaller pleasure boats you can find on the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris

Pleasure boats on Canal Saint-Martin within Paris
The Bassin de l'Arsenal is sometimes known as a pleasure port or Port de Plaisance in French, and this is the leisure marina on Canal Saint-Martin has some unusual features within the gardens, just like the miniature windmill surrounded by flowers that you can see in this image, and although we do not know why it is there, a historical reason may be that there were once mills along the banks of the canal.

This high definition photo shows part of the gardens that run next to the Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint-Martin gardens
This is a photo we took from the Canal Saint-Martin looking over to the pretty Jardin du Port de l'Arsenal, which was first laid out in the latter part of the 1980s with its lovely terraces, flowers and pergola walkway, yet as you can tell from the image, it is a great place to sunbathe on the grass, relax by the waters edge or have a picnic with the family.

HD photo of Port de l'Arsenal section along the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris

Port de l'Arsenal on Canal Saint-Martin
Although the Canal saint-martin was first constructed in order to transport goods and materials through Paris, today it is a tranquil haven for pleasure boats and cruises, as you can see in this photo we took.