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The Pont Morland Bridge in Paris

This is a very little known bridge in Paris located between the Bastille and the River Seine and was constructed in the 1800s.

About the Pont Morland Bridge

The Pont Morland floodgate and bridge is in fact one of the oldest parts of the Canal Saint-Martin, as the canal dates back to the early part of the 1800s, when it was first constructed under the orders of Napoleon Bonaparte.

However, it was not until 1879 that the floodgate and bridge you can see today was constructed at the entrance to the Port de l’Arsenal leisure marina, which is also positioned at the outlet channel to the River Seine from the Canal Saint-Martin.
The bridge was actually named after a boulevard and dock that was located at the Bassin d’Arsenal, and these were originally named after Colonel Morland, who was a Colonel of the Napoleon Guard, yet lost his life during the Battle of Austerlitz.

You will find that this is still a fully working road bridge in Paris that is in use today going from the Boulevard Morland to the Quai de la Rapee, along with its old floodgates that now lead to the leisure marina.

And the Pont Morland is made of stone with one arch and is approximately 50 metres in length, with a width of approximately 14 metres.

Visiting the Pont Morland Bridge in Paris

You will find the Pont Morland bridge and its floodgate located by the Port de l’Arsenal in between the River Seine and the Place de la Bastille and forms and it goes between the 4th and 12th Arrondissements of the city.

And when it comes to using the public transport in Paris, you will find that the nearest Metro stations are the Quai de la Rapee stop via line 5 or a little further in the opposite direction, you have the Bastille stop via lines 1, 5 or 8.

Yet to get the best views of this historical bridge, you need to be looking towards the Pont Morland in the direction of the River Seine from the Passerelle Mornay footbridge, which is after the Port de l’Arsenal before the Canal Saint Martin goes into a tunnel under the Place de la Bastille square.

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Pont Morland
Canal Saint Martin
Ile de France

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