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We were again in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris at the Palais Royal, when we took these high definition photos showing a modern art sculpture called Les Deux Plateaux, which was produced by Daniel Buren.

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Les Deux Plateaux modern art, Cour d'Honneur, Palais Royal, Paris
Les Deux Plateaux is also referred to as the Colonnes de Buren, which in English translates to the Buren Columns, named after the French Conceptual Artist, Daniel Buren, and this first HD photo shows the black and white columns positioned as a grid within the courtyard of the Palais Royal, called the Cour d'Honneur.
Black and white striped marble columns in Palais Royal Cour d'Honneur
Les Deux Plateaux, or in English The Two Levels, was a part of the Grand Projects that were commissioned by the French state under president Francois Mitterrand and his Cultural Minister Jack Lang, who wished to see modern art combined with historical monuments, and already a world renowned artist, famous for his striped art works, Daniel Buren was chosen for the project at the Palais Royal.
Smaller striped marble columns of modern art work at Palais Royal
There was much controversy about the plan plus the commission on historical monuments voted against Les Deux Plateaux, yet through Francois Mitterrand the plan went ahead, and the former Cour d'Honneur that had been utilised as a car park was transformed with these columns, which were installed in 1986, and over the years it has become a place enjoyed by skateboarders and rollerbladers, as you can see in this image.
Les Deux Plateaux by French artist Daniel Buren
The columns themselves are striped cylinders made of white Carrara marble and black Pyrenean marble on a grid that is aligned with the Orleans Gallery, which are the architectural columns you can see in the background of this image, yet The Two Levels was also designed so that some of the columns went below ground level.
Different height columns called Les Deux Plateaux at Palais Royal
You will find that Daniel Buren was born in 1938 and studying to become a French sculptor, his works with his signature stripes can now be found in different museums and places all over the world such as New Zealand, Japan, USA, many countries in Europe, China, South Korea, etc, also presenting many solo exhibitions throughout his career, plus receiving several different recognitions and awards.
Cour d'Honneur with grates and columns for modern art water feature
And the idea Daniel Buren had for this instillation was that some of the columns within this sculpture would be placed over grids like you can see in the above image, and some where you would see water flowing in pools below, that was also illuminated so that this aspect would reflect upon the columns above, providing an unusual modern art water feature as well.
Les Deux Plateaux 1986 installation at Palais Royal, Paris
But unfortunately, a few years after the installation of the Colonnes de Buren, or Buren Columns, the floodlights stopped working and the running water also ceased to work, yet in 2009 the art work was completely renovated, for tourists to still enjoy Les Deux Plateaux while visiting the historical Palais Royal, in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris.

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