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While we were at the Palais Royal in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, we took these high definition photos showing a statue of Talents Militaires, also known as Mars, God of War, which was sculpted by Augustin Pajou.

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Talents Militaires God of War statue, Palais Royal, Paris
This first HD photo shows a statue on the facade of the Palais Royal called Talents Militaires, which in English translates to Military Talents, however, it is also known as Mars, who is the Roman God of War in mythology and hence why the man is holding a shield.
Talents Militaires with armour statue by French artist Augustin Pajou
Now the above close up photograph shows the detailing that went into producing this stone statue, which was by Augustin Pajou who was born in 1730 and studying to become a sculptor, as his father and grandfather were, he managed to win the Prix de Rome at only eighteen years of age, and this then led to numerous commissions from the French state, also becoming a sculptor to the king.
God Of War, Talents Militaires statue on Palais Royal balustrade
So this statue of Mars, God of War was sculpted in stone by Augustin Pajou between the years of 1767 and 1769, when he also worked on other statues and sculptures for the royal palace, yet he had a prolific career, and many other works can be found at tourist attractions like the Palais Bourbon, Eglise Saint-Roch and within the famous Musee du Louvre.

And it was through the Conseil d'Etat, or Council of the State, that this statue of Talents Militaire was restored to its former glory by two professional specialist restorers, overseen by the chief architect for historical monuments, but even though this was only started in 2001 for all of the statues on the Palais Royal facades, it is unfortunately still showing signs of wear through the test of time.
Palais Royal North facade with God of War statue Mars
So here you can see the entire left hand side wing of the Palais Royal, with four statues located on the third level and the statue of Military Talents or Mars is the one located to the far left hand side, yet all four of these were sculpted by Augustine Pajou.

Yet as you can also tell, this is the facade that looks over the Cour d'Honneur, which is the inner courtyard where we were standing by one of the modern sculpture sets, before you reach the garden of the palace that is surrounded by different galleries.

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