Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois Library in Paris

Part of the BNF, this library holds historical collections such as manuscripts from the earliest human writings through to maps and plans, music documentation, prints and photographs along with a museum.

About the Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois

The Bibliotheque Nationale de France is the national library called the BNF for short, and they oversee two of the most major libraries in Paris, which are the Bibliotheque Francois-Mitterrand and the Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois.
Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois grand hall
So when you look back at the history of the Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois, you will find that this is the historical library housed within buildings from the 1600s, and some very impressive architecture and internal decorations can be found here, just like the famous Oval Reading Room, known as the Salle Ovale.

The Galerie Mansart and the Galerie Mazarine also have spectacular decorations and some of the original paintings by Romanelli and Grimaldi can still be seen today, yet these areas are reserved for temporary exhibitions, and therefore are not always open.

Sometimes known as the BNF Richelieu, the Bibliotheque Richelieu or even the Richelieu Quadrilateral area, this library holds very important collections including manuscripts from the earliest human writing to manuscripts of contemporary writers.

There are also prints and photographs, collections of music and performing arts along with maps and plans, plus there is the Musee des Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques, which holds an unusual collection of coins, medals and antiquities.
In addition to this, there is even a crypt at the Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois that holds ancient manuscripts as well, and this library is utilised by researchers from all over the world.  Plus you will find that there are vending machines located close to the Oval room and the department of prints and photography where you can purchase hot drinks and snacks.

Visiting the Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois Library

You will find the Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois open on a Tuesday to a Saturday from 10am through to 7pm and on a Sunday from noon until 7pm, however, it is always closed on a Monday and on all National French holidays such as 1st May and 15th August.

We would also like to point out that there is an annual closure each year, which is approximately from the 8th September through to around the 21st September, and on the eve of certain holidays such as 24th December, the library closes early at 3pm.
Murals inside Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois
Dome ceilings of Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois
However, part of the Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois are undergoing major renovation works until approximately 2020, and therefore certain areas including the museum are currently closed.

Access to the BNF Bibliotheque Richelieu-Louvois

Located in the 2nd Arrondissement, when it comes to public transport in Paris, the nearest Metro stations are the Bourse stop via line 3 to the north, the Palais-Royal - Musee du Louvre stop via lines 1 and 7 to the south and the Pyramides stop via lines 7 and 14 to the west.

Alternatively the bus lines 20, 21, 27, 29, 39, 48, 67, 68, 69, 72, 74, 81, 85 and 95 will also get you close by to the library and the Cabinet des Medailles or Musee des Monnaies, Medailles et Antques as it is also known.

However, there is also the Noctilien Night Bus Service that runs during the night when other forms of public transport have stopped running and you will need the Noctilien Lines N11, N15, N16 and N24 to get you within walking distance of this library and other tourist attractions in the area.