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We were at the Palais Royal in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos showing a sculpture fountain called La Fontaine des Spheres, which was sculpted by Pol Bury.

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La Fontaine des Spheres sculpture, Palais Royal, Paris
This first HD photo shows one of two contemporary art sculptures, each of which is called the Fontaine des Spheres, or Spherades, also referred to in English as a Mirror Ball Fountain and these were installed within the Palais Royal in the Galerie d'Orleans section of the garden in 1985.
Mirror Ball Fountain by Belgium artist Pol Bury
So here you can see a close up photograph showing the detailing on the stainless steel spheres, which were designed by Pol Bury to be a kinetic fountain, with subtle movements combined with having a mirror finish to reflect the architecture in its surroundings.
Stainless steel spheres of Mirror Ball Fountain sculpture
Now Pol Bury was actually born in Belgium in 1922 and initially became a painter before entering into the world of sculpture after having been fascinated by mobile sculptures and decided to go into the art of sculpture creating moving elements utilising mechanical parts and motors that were concealed within the works.

Becoming well recognised for his works that portray a sensory experience, Pol Bury received numerous commissions for different sculptures, including this one at the Palais Royal in Paris, which was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, and this brought him the recognition he desired within France, where he lived for a good part of his life.
Palais Royal courtyard and La Fontaine des Spheres
However, in this image you can see that there was construction and renovation work that was being done at the Palais Royal, and unfortunately, while we were there, the Spherades, or Fontaine des Spheres was not actually working, yet other fountains by Pol Bury can been in numerous parts of the world including in the United States of America, Belgium, South Korea and many more.

Yet after he passed away in 2005, Christies held an auction for several works by Pol Bury, and many of these are now within the hands of private collectors, although some are located in different museums of contemporary art such as the Musee d'Art Moderne in Paris and the Chelsea Metropolitan Museum in New York.

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