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We were in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris at the Palais Royal, when we took these high definition photos of an art installation called Les Confidents, which was produced by Michel Goulet.

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Les Confidents Chairs within the Palais Royal Gardens, Paris
With a full title of Les Confidents, Les chaises-poemes du Jardin du Palais Royal, which in English translates to The Confidants, The poem chairs of the Garden of the Palais Royal, this fist HD photo shows two chairs that have been sculpted and joined together to create a moving work of art that everyone can enjoy for many years to come.
Binoculars on Les Confidents Chairs at Palais Royal
So this next photograph shows one particular element of the unusual sculptural work, which as you can tell, is a pair of binoculars, and resting on the welded piece of metal joining the two seats together that you saw above, this is one of ten different everyday objects that were made of bronze.

These were designed to represent each poetic and artistic ensemble within Les Confidents, and in many cases the items would be something you were likely to have with you while sitting on a seat within beautiful surroundings, which include things such as bread, an apple and of course the binoculars.
Vienna Poem inscription by Guillaume Apollinaire on Les Confidents Chair
Now here you can see that a piece of writing has been cut out of the back rest of the chair, and this is one of twenty different extracts of poems from their literary creators, that have the celebrated poets name underneath with this one by Guillaume Apollinaire, which when translated to English reads:

Vienna at night rings the hour - The days are gone, I remain.
Les Confidents sculpted chairs by Canadian artist Michel Goulet
This particular public art work of The Confidents was produced by Michel Goulet, who was born in Quebec in 1944, and a Canadian sculptor, he lives and works in Montreal, yet his art can be found in numerous places all over the world, and this was a dream of his that turned to realisation.

You will in fact find that this was a collaboration between the Delegation Generale du Quebec and the Centre des Monuments Nationaux in Paris along with Francois Massut, the founder of Poesieisnotdead, Louis Albert de Broglie, founder of Prince Jardinier plus Spring of Poets run by Jean-Pierre Simeon and Maryse Pierson.
Headphone jack point on Les Confidents chairs at Palais Royal
Now here you can see another close up showing the quality and realism that Michel Goulet put into creating this particular bronze item positioned on one of the ten The Confidants seats, which were originally two chairs, that were then welded together facing each other. The binoculars are positioned in the centre of these where they are joined and below this is a headphone jack point, so that people can listen to the poem for those particular chairs.
Solar panel on Les Confidents chairs sculpture
However, the above image shows a close up of a plaque along with a box containing a solar panel and a point where you can plug your own earphones in, so that you can listen to the entire poems that are depicted as extracts on the specific seats.

But every six months there will be different poets and poems added, or changed, so this permanent art work within the gardens of the Palais Royal will never be the same if you revisit, and each set of chairs will have something different people can listen to, like from Jean Cocteau, Emily Dickinson, Charles Baudelaire, etc.
Tourist information plaque on Les Confidents chairs at Palais Royal
Initially back in 2011 the Quebec sculptor, Michel Goulet, collaborated with Francois Massut, the founder of Poetry Is Not Dead organisation to do a similar project in the birth place of Arthur Rimbaud, but it was not until 2015 that this particular creation was started.

Yet as you can see from the above image, this tourist information plaque fixed to one set of chairs, shows the year 2016, which was when they were first placed within the Jardin du Palais Royal, plus you can also see some details about the extracts from the poems created by the artists that have been chosen for each set.
Side view of bronze binoculars fixed to Les Confidents sculpture
The ten sets of chairs for Les Confidents were actually inaugurated on 4th March 2016, which was at the same time as the launch of the 18th Spring of the Poets event, designed to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy and celebrate poetry in all its different forms, and this is run in Quebec as well as France, with a different theme each year.
Les Confidents poem extract by Transtromer etched on chair back
Whereas this close up photograph shows another extract of a poem that was cut out of the back of a chair by Michel Goulet for The Confidants art work project, and originally written by the poet Tomas Transtromer, when translated to English this reads:

I carry in me all my past faces, - like a tree her dark circles.
Le Prince Jardinier plaque on Les Confidents historical chair sculptures
Now when you are visiting Paris, if you venture into one of the popular historical gardens, which include the Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin des Tuileries and the Jardin du Palais Royal, you will see that there are absolutely hundreds of green chairs laid out all over the grounds, which are free to use by tourists and locals, wishing to relax in beautiful surroundings.

Although, it was only after Francois Massut met Louis Albert de Brodlie, who was the founder of Prince Jardinier, that the project for Les Confidents by Michel Goulet could truly be realised, as they saved old chairs of the historical royal gardens from destruction and then rehabilitate and reassemble these, which is exactly what has been done with this unusual art work.

Therefore, the image above shows the bronze plaque for Le Prince Jardinier affixed to one set of the ten chairs, which would originally have come from The Tuileries, Luxembourg or Royal Palace Gardens, and these were from the 1921 model, but continuing as a mobile memory of the historical relevance to a city that keeps its traditions.

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