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We were in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris at the Palais Royal, when we took these high definition photos showing a statue called La Navigation, which was sculpted by Antoine Francois Gerard.

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La Navigation statue, Palais Royal, Paris
This first HD photo shows a statue made of stone designed as an allegory to depict navigation, and hence why you can see a bearded male figure holding an oar, but also as though he is sitting at the stern of a boat and this is one of eight statues on the Palais Royal facade that faces onto its garden.
Palais Royal La Navigation statue by Antoine Francois Gerard
Now the above close up photograph shows the detailing that went into producing this particular allegorical statue of The Navigation, which was by Antoine Francois Gerard, who was born in Paris in 1760 and studied to become a sculptor, winning the Prix de Rome in 1789, and upon his return from Italy, started to receive many commissions from the city and the state.
La Navigation statue on balustrade far right of Palais Royal facade
In fact, La Navigation is one of four statues that Antoine Francois Gerard produced for the Palais Royal in 1830, yet he also produced statues, sculptures and bas reliefs for other tourist attractions in Paris such as The Louvre, Chapelle Expiatoire, Colonne Vendome, Arc de Triomphe and the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, etc.

And through being sponsored by the Conseil d'Etat, or Council of the state, these statues, which are approximately 2.4 metres in height, started to be restored to their former glory as of 2001 onwards, overseen by the chief architect of historical monuments.
North facade of Palais Royal with La Navigation statue
So here you can see the entire right hand side of the Palais Royal facade that faces onto the inner main courtyard, and La Navigation is positioned on the third level balustrade to the far right hand side, and this particular part of the historical royal palace is now home to the Council of the State.

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