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Paris attractions

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Les Docks - Cite de la Mode et du Design

The Cite de la Mode et du Design sits along the bank of the River Seine and has a very contemporary design with shops, places to eat and temporary exhibitions.

Square Brignole-Galliera Garden

The Square Brignole-Galliera was first laid out in the 19th century and is part of the Palais Galliera museum in Paris constructed by Marie Brignole-Sale.

Palais Galliera Palace

Constructed in the 1800s the Palais Galliera was purposely built to be a museum in a Renaissance style then passed to the City of Paris.

Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent

This museum in Paris is linked to the famous restaurant the Tour d’Argent, and holds letters and notes written to the restaurant from famous people.

Musee Galliera Fashion Museum In Paris

The Musee Galliera in Paris is located within the Palais Galliera and houses one of the worlds finest fashion collections dating way back from the 18th century.

Pont Mirabeau Bridge In Paris

The Pont Mirabeau was constructed in 1893 with three metal arches, and at the time became the longest and highest bridge over the River Seine in Paris.

Fondation Pierre Berge - Yves Saint Laurent Museum

This museum in Paris set up to preserve the memory of the haute couture fashion of Yves Saint Laurent fashion house that closed its doors in 2002.

Square Paul Langevin Public Gardens

The Square Paul Langevin is not far from Notre Dame and its public gardens are host to a childrens playground, statues and a fountain dating from the 1700s.

Restaurant San Francisco Serves Italian Cuisine

This Italian restaurant was established in 1948 and still has its traditional decor and recipes with handmade pasta and fish specialities that attract stars.

Square Henry Pate

The Square Henry Pate is in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris on a private road, and was designed back in the 1920s with numerous apartments surrounding it.

The Passerelle Debilly Bridge

This particular bridge in Paris called the Passerelle Debilly is a cycle and foot bridge over the River Seine which was constructed in 1900 for the World Fair.

Pont d’Austerlitz Bridge In Paris

The Pont d’Austerlitz was first constructed during Napoleon Bonaparte reign, and since this time the bridge has been reconstructed, strengthened and widened.
- Photos of Pont d’Austerlitz

Peniche Cinema - Restaurant And Floating Cinema In Paris

The Peniche Cinema is an unusual venue being a floating cinema and restaurant that is permanently moored on the Canal de l’Ourcq in Parc de la Villette in Paris.
- Photos of Peniche Cinema

Jardin Roger Priou Valjean Square And Garden

This square with its gardens on Rue du Figuier was created and named in memory of a French resistance Fighter and Paris councillor Roger Priou Valjean.

Cinema Studio 28 - Cinema, Bar And Tea Salon

The Cinema Studio 28 is located in the Montmartre area of Paris, and this cinema and entertainment venue has been run by the same family since the 1940s.

Viaduc d’Austerlitz Metro Railway Bridge

The Viaduc d’Austerlitz is one of the Paris bridges over the River Seine that is purely a metro railway bridge which was designed at the start of the 1900s.
- Photos of Viaduc d’Austerlitz

Silencio Entertainment Venue And Nightclub

The Silencio is a private entertainment venue providing a variety of options including film screenings, food and wine tasting, exhibitions, concerts, and much more.

Musee de Radio France And The Maison de Radio France

Unfortunately the Musee de Radio France has closed its doors, but the building can still be visited plus they hold different concerts and temporary exhibitions.

1728 Restaurant In Hotel Mazin La Fayette

You can find the 1728 restaurant within Hotel Mazin La Fayette that was built in 1728 and this restaurant serves gourmet French cuisine in a historical setting.

The Jardin des Plantes

Founded in 1626 Jardin des Plantes was once a Royal botanical garden but today has much more to offer like the menagerie zoo and the Natural History museum.
- Photos of Jardin des Plantes

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