HD photos of Pont d'Austerlitz over the River Seine in Paris

The Pont Pont d'Austerlitz has had a long and interesting life that started way back in 1773 when the first project was put in place for a wooden bridge over the River Seine in this part of Paris, which was designed by Jean-Baptiste Perronet, but it wasn’t until 1801 that the decision was taken to construct a cast iron bridge with five arches.

Picture showing the Pont d'Austerlitz crossing over the River Seine in Paris

Pont d'Austerlitz Paris
Here you can see a photograph of the Pont d'Austerlitz bridge and the Viaduc d'Austerlitz behind it, that we took while standing on the Pont de Sully bridge, which was just as one of the boats from a company providing sightseeing tours on the River Seine were turning around ready to complete the rest of their circuit.

HD photo showing the five arches of the Pont d'Austerlitz

Pont d'Austerlitz arches
Here you can see a photo of the Pont d'Austerlitz showing the masonary arches on the four piers along with the abutments, and if you look carefully, you may be able to make out the decorations of a shield with a lions face and two scrolls either side, like a coat of arms, that are located on the tympana above the piers.

View of the Pont d'Austerlitz with the Voie Mazas

Pont d'Austerlitz and Voie Mazas
We took this photo while we were standing on the right bank by the Pont Morland looking over the Voie Mazas road, which has a sign directing people to the Parc de Bercy, that is attached to the Pont d'Austerlitz bridge over the River Seine.

HD picture showing the stone sculptures on one of the piers on Pont d'Austerlitz in Paris

Pont d'Austerlitz sculptures
The Pont d'Austerlitz has not changed in its appearance since the late 1800s, which means that it is now classified as a historical monument in Paris, and in this close up photograph you can see one of the ornate carved sculptures that are located above each pier in between the arches.

Photo of Pont d'Austerlitz stone arches

Pont d'Austerlitz stone arches
The first bridge at this location was constructed during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, yet was totally redesigned in the 1850s, and then altered in the 1880s under the supervision of the engineer Guiard, which is how you can experience it today with its stone arches and piers.

This picture of the Pont d'Austerlitz was taken from Boulevard Henri IV in Paris

Pont d'Austerlitz from Boulevard Henri IV
Here you can see a view of the River Seine and the Pont d'Austerlitz seen from the Boulevard Henri IV, and this bridge goes across from the 12th Arrondissement over to the border of the 13th and 5th Arrondissement, which is where you will find the Jardin des Plantes, that is to the right of the picture close to a Batobus water bus stop.

Picture of the traffic on Pont d'Austerlitz

Pont d'Austerlitz traffic
Because of the two train stations in Paris called the Gare de Lyon and the Gare d'Austerlitz, that were constructed on opposite banks of the river, this bridge in Paris has become one of the busiest for people getting from one to the other along with other tourist attractions that are close by.

Photo of Pont d'Austerlitz sign marked on the footpath saying feel free here

Pont d'Austerlitz sign feel free here
While we were on the Pont d'Austerlitz bridge, we came across this sign marked on the floor, and as you can tell it guides you to where your feet would be positioned, and although a general translation is feel free here, it is a lovely position for a fabulous view, and just one of the unusual things that someone has done for the numerous tourists who visit Paris for a holiday.

The Pont d'Austerlitz connecting to Place Valhubert

Pont d'Austerlitz connecting to Place Valhubert
This photo shows the very end of one side of the Pont d'Austerlitz bridge that connects to Place Valhubert, which we took while walking along the bank of the River Seine admiring some of the houseboats that were moored up.

Picture of the tympana stone carvings on the Pont d'Austerlitz in Paris

Pont d'Austerlitz tympanas
Here you can see the some of the carved decorations on the tympana above the piers on the Pont d'Austerlitz bridge which was constructed of stone with the last amendments being made between 1884 and 1885 that were designed by the architect Jean-marie Georges Choquet.

HD photograph of the original stone plaque on the Pont d'Austerlitz bridge

Pont d'Austerlitz stone plaque
The Pont d'Austerlitz is one of the bridge over the River Seine and this is a photo we took of the stone carved and etched plaque that can be found on the bridge itself, which provides the different dates of construction during the 1800s as well as the name, of course, that is in capital letters at the top.

Pont d'Austerlitz name plaque in the 5th Arrondissement

Pont d'Austerlitz plaque 5th Arrondissement
Here you can see another plaque that is located at the start of the Pont d'Austerlitz bridge on the left bank, and as it shows here, it is situated in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, very close to the Jardin des Plantes, yet it is virtually on the border of the 13th as well and this bridge goes over to the 12th Arrondissement.

Photo of the five road lanes on Pont d'Austerlitz

Pont d'Austerlitz road lanes
As you can no doubt tell from this photo of the Pont d'Austerlitz, this is a wide bridge, which is in fact 30 metres in width that has a total length of almost 174 metres, and with two paths that are 5 metres wide each, it provides plenty of room for people to walk, cycle or jog across from one bank to another.

View of Pont d'Austerlitz with Yachts de Paris dock

Pont d'Austerlitz and Yachts de Paris
From old and historical, through to modern and new, there are so many different tourist attractions and monuments to discover while you are on holiday in Paris, and the Pont d'Austerlitz is just one of those that you could see, even while on a sightseeing cruise on the River Seine or enjoying dinner by the bank, as you can no doubt tell from this picture.