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Tourist attractions in Paris France - Page 21

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Passerelle Mornay Pedestrian Bridge In Paris
The Passerelle Mornay is a pedestrian bridge in Paris that crosses over the section of Canal Saint-Martin where the Port de l’Arsenal marina is located.

  -  Photos of Passerelle Mornay

Boeing 737 Flight Simulator In Paris By Flight Experience
Have you ever wanted to fly a plane? Then how about trying a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator, which is available though the Flight Experience Company in Paris.

Private Horse And Carriage Rides In Paris
Looking for something different? How about a private tour of Paris by horse and carriage, that is great for weddings, proposals or part of a romantic weekend.

Menagerie Zoo Historique de Paris
The Menageries is a zoo in Paris within the Jardin des Plantes which has over 1700 animals including mammals, amphibians, snakes, crocodiles and much more.

Square Dupleix
The Square Dupleix is located in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris and has a traditional bandstand where you can hear live music being played.

Place Mazas Square
The Place Mazas in Paris is named after a colonel by Napoleon Bonaparte and this street come square is by the River Seine and has two different memorial plaques.

Luxury Chauffeur Driven Rolls Royce Tours In Paris
Why not treat yourself to a luxury Paris tour in a chauffeur driven vintage Rolls Royce, which will take you around numerous tourist attractions in the city.

Societe Historique et Litteraire Polonaise
Founded in the 1830s this Polish library is also home to three museums that holds archives from the 19th century emigration, letters, works of art and literature.

The Pont du Carrousel Bridge In Paris
In line with The Louvre Museum, the Pont du Carrousel over the River Seine connects the Quai Voltaire on the South bank to Quai des Tuileries.

Hotel Matignon - French Prime Ministers Residence In Paris
Constructed in the 1700s Hotel Matignon is now the official French Prime Ministers Residence in Paris with private garden that are open to the public once a month.

The Atelier Brancusi Museum Of Modern Art
This museum in Paris located at the Pompidou Centre is dedicated to the artist Constantin Brancusi, who was a sculptor of modern art and abstract sculptures.

Hot Air Balloon Rides In Paris
How about treating the whole family to a hot air balloon ride, that lets you see Paris from a completely different view point without the normal high costs.

The SoGymnase English Comedy Club
The Theatre du Gymnase SoGymnase comedy club in Paris is purely dedicated to English speaking comedy acts and often see international stars on stage.

Square Carlo Sarrabezolles
This small garden and square in Paris is named after the French sculptor Charles Marie Louis Joseph Sarrabezolles who died in the February of 1971.

Pont du Garigliano Bridge
The Pont du Garigliano is at present the highest bridge in Paris which was constructed in the 1960s to replace an old viaduct bridge at the same location.

The Parc Sainte-Perine
With numerous species of trees, plants, flowers, botanicals along with its open grass areas the Parc Sainte-Perine is a popular park with locals and tourists.

The Historical Theatre Du Gymnase In Paris
This historical theatre in Paris provides a wide variety of performance including shows in English, like comedies, musicals and SebMarx stand up comedian.

Canauxrama Pleasure Boat Cruises
The Canauxrama, offer pleasure boat cruises on the Canal Saint-Martin, Canal de l’Ourcq and River Seine in Paris, including some complete day cruise packages.

Different Paris Pleasure Boat Cruises With Canauxrama
The Canauxrama pleasure boat company offer a wide variety of different canal cruises in Paris and River Seine tours along with all day cruises at good prices.

  -  Photos of Canauxrama

Square Du General Morin
The Square du General Morin is located along Rue Reaumur in front of the old priory called Saint-Martin-des-Champs that is home to Musee des Arts et Metiers.

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