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Paris attractions

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The Parc Kellerman

This large park has different areas one mainly to sports with fitness circuits, and then you have a cascade style fountain, ponds and lovely lawns for picnics.

Square Garibaldi In The 15th Arrondissement

Located in The 15th Arrondissement of Paris Square Garibaldi has a childrens playground and a monument dedicated to the Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Maison De La Culture Du Japon

Inaugurated in 1997 the Japanese cultural centre in Paris is host to different events such as exhibitions, shows, cinema screenings, debates and lectures.

Musee Clemenceau - Georges Clemenceau Museum

This museum is dedicated to Georges Clemenceau who was a writer, politician, and journalist, holding numerous items like articles, portraits, newspapers etc.

Palais du Luxembourg Palace

The historical Palais du Luxembourg is located within the Luxembourg gardens in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris and is now home to the French Senate.
- Photos of Palais du Luxembourg
- History of Palais du Luxembourg

Paris Yacht Marina In The 15th Arrondissement

The Paris Yacht Marina offers luxury cruises, private dinners, River Seine cruises through to tailor made receptions and events on different yachts.

Pont Flottant De La Villette - Floating Bridge In Paris

The Pont Flottant de la Villette is a floating bridge used on the Canal de l’Ourcq in Parc de la Villette during the warmer months helping tourists cross the canal.
- Photos of Pont Flottant de la Villette

Square des Missions Etrangeres in Paris

This Paris square has beautiful flowerbeds with different plants and flowers along with horse chestnut, Japanese cherry trees, plus has a childrens playground.

Musee Valentin Hauy - Braille Museum in Paris

This small Braille museum in Paris is dedicated to Valentin Hauy who set up the first school for the blind with Louis Braille attending who invented Braille.

Yachts de Paris - Elegant River Seine Cruises

River Seine cruises with Yachts de Paris have become well known for their elegant yachts, refined atmosphere, French gourmet cuisine and excellent service.

Don Juan II Gourmet River Seine Cruise

The Yachts de Paris Don Juan II boat offers a luxury cruise on the River Seine along with a gourmet French meal by a Michelin starred chef in an intimate setting.

Musee d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaisme museum

A Paris museum dedicated to the history of Jews in France with exhibits such as art, textiles, documents, rare collections and archives from the Dreyfus Affair.

Square Gaston Baty In Paris

This Paris square in the Montparnasse area was named after French playwright Gaston Baty, and has a childrens playground and statue of Chaim Soutine.

Place Denys Cochin Square

This Paris square is located close to Les Invalides and was officially named Place Denys Cochin on the 24th December 1930 after a French writer and politician.

The Elephant Paname Cultural Centre

A restored Napoleon III mansion house that is now home to the Elephant Paname Cultural Centre, different forms of arts, exhibitions, dance, restaurant and more.

Place Vauban Square

This 1780 semi-circular square in Paris called Place Vauban, is located on the south side of Les Invalides and has a statue of Marie Emile Fayolle.

Parc de la Butte du Chapeau Rouge

Located on a hill this Paris park offers meandering paths with a ornamental fountain, statues, childrens playground, open grass areas and lovely views over the city.

Jardin du Monument aux Meres Francaises

Designed in 1938 this garden in Paris was created to honour the women who had to raise children on their own while their husbands went to fight during World War I.

Aux Petits Joueurs Restaurant and Music Venue

The Aux Petits Joueurs restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere with live music from different artists and bands, ranging from jazz, latin, blues, etc.

Square Sarah Bernhardt

Named after the actress Sarah Bernhardt this Paris square has over 190 trees with 50 different species along with bushes, flowers and a large childrens playground.

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