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Square Garibaldi in Paris

This is one of the many squares in Paris that has a childrens playground, park benches and yet another statue, and this is a monument dedicated to the Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi, which was donated to Paris by the French-Italian League, and faces the Square Cambronne.

About the Square Garibaldi

The square Garibaldi was first laid out in the 1880s, and was named after an Italian politician Giuseppe Garibaldi, who died in 1882, yet distinguished himself during the fight for unification of Italy.
Within this square in Paris you will finda marble statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, which was sculpted by the Italian artist Vincenzo Cochi and donated to the city of Paris by the French Italian League.  And on the pedestal of the monument, which was inaugurated in 1917, you will see the name Garibaldi along with the years 1807 - 1882, which was the date of birth and death of Giuseppe Garibaldi.  Yet below this you will see a bronze medallion that is dedicated to his two grandsons from his son Ricciotti, and these two descendants called Bruno and Constante were also military personnel and died while fighting in French uniform.

Now also within the Square Garibaldi, you can admire the roses, laurels, a row of lime trees and also palms, whether it be while relaxing on a park bench or watching your children enjoying the sandpit or childrens playground.

You will find a sign on the railings by the entrance to the square from the Marie de Paris that provides a bit of history and general information on the Square Garibaldi with a date at the very top stating 1881, yet this square is actually the furthest away from the Boulevard Garibaldi, as it is nearer to the Boulevard de Grenelle.

However, the name is also often a little confusing to some, not just because of what we mentioned above, but also because there is one of the ornate plaques on a post close to this within the Square Garibaldi that states Square Cambronne.  But the Square Cambronne is actually on the opposite side of the street called the Avenue du Lowendal, which divides these two squares up.  So we feel that maybe this originally had the same name before it was re-inaugurated with the name of Square Garibaldi, due to the fact that Giuseppe Garibaldi was still alive at the time the square was first laid out.

Visiting Square Garibaldi in Paris

Now as we mentioned earlier, you will find the Square Garibaldi located opposite the Square Cambronne in the 15th Arrondissement close to some famous tourist attractions in Paris, such as the Ecole Militaire, the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower.  Although it is not too far to walk to get to the River Seine or Les Invalides where you can discover different museums and the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.

This square is open from approximately 9am or 9.30am through to around 5pm, although it is open later during the summer months, and is accessible to the disabled in most areas, plus you may be pleased to know that there is also a fresh water point here, for filling up your water bottles.

And when it comes to reaching the Square Garibaldi via public transport in Paris, the nearest Metro station is the Cambronne stop serving line 6, however, a little further walk away and you have the La Motte-Picquet - Grenelle metro stop that serves lines 6, 8 and 10.

Address Details

Square Garibaldi
Rue Alexandre-Cabanel
Ile de France

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Square Garibaldi
Square Garibaldi Statue
Square Garibaldi Medallion