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Tourist attractions in Paris France - Page 17

If you can spend the time researching some of the different tourist attractions available in Paris before you visit this city, you will not regret the time spent, as there are so many hidden gems to be found just like the historical library Bibliotheque Mazarine within the Institut de France, which is the oldest public library in France.

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Bibliotheque Mazarine Museum And Historical Library
The Paris Bibliotheque Mazarine at Institut de France is classified as a museum and is the oldest public library in France that was founded by Cardinal Mazarin.

Happy Days Diners In Paris
There are five Happy Days Diners in Paris, that are just known as HD Diners for short, and these restaurants are based on a traditional 1950s American diner.

Place Saint-Georges Square
The square called Place Saint-Georges in Paris is home to an unusual fountain and historical buildings including the Bibliotheque Thiers that is a library museum.

La Balle au Bond Peniche Cafe And Entertainment Venue
The Balle au Bond is a barge moored on the River Seine in Paris that provides a cafe lounge area and brunch buffet, but it is also an entertainment venue.

Bibliotheque Thiers A Historical Museum
The Bibliotheque Thiers is a historical library in Paris that holds one of the largest collections of items and documents relating to the First French Empire.

Le Wagon Bleu Restaurant
The Wagon Bleu restaurant lets you dine in an unusual location serving French and Corsican cuisine in an original carriage from the Orient Express.

Pont Saint Michel Bridge In Paris
The Pont Saint Michel stone bridge in Paris that connects to the Ile de la Cite island along Quai des Orfevres and Quai des Grands Augustins on the River Seine.

  -  Photos of Pont Saint Michel

Le Petit Journal Montparnasse Brasserie And Jazz Club
The Petit Journal Montparnasse is a Brasserie and Jazz Club in Paris, which opens at 7am for breakfast and does not close until the early hours of the morning.

Square Georges Cain Garden
The small Square Georges Cain in Paris is home to a 17th century statue sculpted by Laurent Magnier and one from the 1990s called Rossignol de Heinz.

Chez Ma Cousine Restaurant And Cabaret Venue
Located in the Montmartre area the Chez Ma Cousine restaurant has a cosy atmosphere to enjoy a meal of a lunch time or a dinner with cabaret show.

Institut Suedois In Paris France ( Swedish Institute )
The Swedish Institute in Paris is a cultural centre that holds exhibitions, concerts, and language courses, and is also home to Musee Tessin and Cafe Suedois.

Institut Tessin Museum In Paris
The Musee Tessin is a museum dedicated to artistic works relating to the history between Sweden and France, including paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Place Georges Guillaumin Square
The Place Georges Guillaumin is a small square in Paris named after a councillor for the area, and located inside you will find a statue of Honore Balzac.

La Villa d’Este Restaurant And Cabaret
The Villa d’Este restaurant and cabaret venue in Paris is close to the Champs Elysees and offers gourmet French cuisine for lunch or a dinner and cabaret.

Musee Adam Mickiewicz Museum
The Adam Mickiewicz Museum in Paris holds personal items dedicated to the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz who resided in Paris for a part of his life.

The Equestrian Statue Of Etienne Marcel
The bronze equestrian statue of Etienne Marcel was sculpted in the 1800s and is located at Hotel de Ville along the South facade facing towards the River Seine.

  -  Photos of Etienne Marcel statue

Conservatoire Russe School Of Russian Arts
The Russian Conservatory in Paris is dedicated to the Russian arts for students studying music, theatre and dance, which was founded back in the 1920s.

La Cantine Russe - Russian Restaurant With Entertainment
This is a Russian restaurant in Paris that is open during the day for lunch, but of an evening you can enjoy Russian cuisine meal along with free entertainment.

Pont d’Arcole Bridge In Paris
The Pont d’Arcole bridge over the River Seine in Paris was constructed in the 1800s and connects the Ile de la Cite Island to the right bank next to Hotel de Ville.

  -  Photos of Pont d’Arcole

Salon Chopin Museum In Paris
The Salon Chopin is a museum in Paris that is located within the Bibliotheque Polonaise, which is dedicated to the famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin.

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