Institut Tessin Museum in Paris

The Institut Tessin is also known as the Musee Tessin Museum, and is dedicated to artistic works relating to the history between Sweden and France, and has a permanent collection including paintings, drawings and sculptures from the 17th to the 20th century.

A bit of history

Located in a fully restored 16th century mansion called the Hotel de Marle, the Institut Suedois, or Swedish Cultural Centre was set up with the influence of Gunnar W Lundberg, who was a cultural advisor to the Swedish Embassy in Paris.

Gunnar W Lundbert was also an avid art historian, and he wanted a place that could display a permanent collection of works that is known as the Ticino Collection, and this particular display was first opened in 1971 on the first floor of the restored mansion when this was inaugurated.
Institut Tessin bust sculpture
The collection represents important material for the Franco-Swedish research on the history of art and the cooperation between the two countries over the years, and although the museum is now the responsibility the National Museum in Stockholm, it is still located within the Hotel de Marle in Paris.

Although the majority of the historical books have now been transferred to either the University of Umea in Sweden, or the Bibliotheque Nordique library in Paris, there are some books specifically relating to the history of Swedish art, which do still remain at the Institut Suedois.

About the Institut Tessin Museum

You will find that the Institut Tessin museum illustrates the artistic history and exchanges between France and Sweden and includes artwork dating from the 17th century with a substantial collection from the 18th and 19th centuries, yet this unique museum in Paris also includes medals, sculptures, Swedish contemporary paintings and furniture.

The collections of the Institut Tessin Museum, or Ticino as it is also known, holds a very important place within the Centre Culturel Suedois, which translates to Swedish Cultural Centre in English, and the collection contains approximately 600 paintings along with more than 5000 works on paper, which include drawings, prints and watercolours.
There are also many other interesting items such as medals and sculptures along with historical books relating to the history of art in Sweden, yet some of the most notable works are by Swedish painters Gustaf Lundberg, Alexander Roslin and Adolf Ulrik Wertmuller.

Yet there are also some incredible works of art from the French painter and architect Louis Jean Desprez, who worked in Sweden for a period of time and some of the original sculptures from the collection can be found within the garden of the Hotel Marle.

Visiting the Institut Tessin Museum in Paris

You will find the permanent collections of the Musee Tessin located on the first floor of the Hotel de Marle within the Queen Kristina Room of the Institut Suedois Swedish Cultural Centre in the Marais area of Paris in the 3rd Arrondissement.

It is open from noon until 6pm on a Tuesday through to a Sunday, and you will be pleased to know that this museum in Paris is completely free to visit.  You can also discover the temporary exhibitions on the ground floor, along with the Cafe Suedois as well, during these same times, yet is closed on a Monday and at all other times including National French holidays.

When it comes to public transport, if you are travelling to this area using the Metro, there are two Metro stations located within walking distance, which are the Chemin Vert stop via line 8 or the Saint-Paul stop via line 1.

However, the bus lines 29, 69, 76 and 96 along with the Noctilien Night Bus Service via Lines N11 and N16 will get you close by, plus there are also three Velib stations for the self service bike rental scheme in Paris that are also nearby.