Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff school of Russian arts

This is the Russian Conservatory in Paris dedicated to the Russian arts for students studying music, theatre and dance, and was first founded back in the 1920s, and providing numerous different types of concerts, there is also a Russian restaurant here as well.

A bit of history

The Imperial Russian Musical Society was created back in 1859 to promote the Russian arts of music and theatre and by 1862 a conservatory was built in St Petersburg with another in Moscow by 1866.
Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff
This all started when a group of former teachers from the Imperial Russian Conservatories got together, and in 1923 they then created the Conservatoire Russe de Paris, and among the founders were Alexander Glazunov, Feodor Chaliapin, Alexander Gretchaninov and Serge Rachmaninoff.

It was Serge Rachmaninoff who became the first honorary president of the Russian Conservatory in Paris, and this was why the name of this music school eventually became known as the Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff.

About the Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff

Concerts have been hosted regularly at the Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff ever since 1932 with many prestigious musicians from around the world playing here including the cellist Gregor Piatigorsky, virtuoso violinist Nathan Milstein and pianist Vladimir Horowitz.

And being dedicated to preserving Russian performing arts, you will find that even today there are numerous different types of concerts, dance performances, theatre productions and recitals that are hosted at the conservatory.
The Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff still continues to train musicians and those interested in performing arts such as ballet.  It conducts numerous courses for both children and adults in French and Russian, and has been recognised as a true professional music school in Paris.

Yet there is also a restaurant located here, which is called Le Cantine Russe, and providing traditional Russian cuisine along with lots of Vodka options as well, for those that wish to have an alcoholic drink with their meal.  And although often frequented by students at a lunch time, of an evening you can experience some of the students performing while you eat.

Visiting the Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff

You will find that there are different concerts, etc always advertised on numerous different themes all relating to the performing arts, yet these do also vary in cost quite dramatically depending upon what it is and also who the performer is.  So unfortunately, we cannot give you any true idea, although some of the upcoming events for 2018 were ranging from €10 up to €70.

Concerts and obviously the courses do have to be booked in advance, but there is also the Cantine Russe for Russian cuisine and the opportunity of getting to see many, maybe future stars perform, whether it be a folk song, aria, traditional dance, etc.
Russian arts at Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff
Restaurant at Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff
Yet, as for location in the city, even though it is within a very standard building, it is located right by the River Seine in the 16th Arrondissement by the Passerelle Debilly and close to the Pont d’Alma Bridge where you can see the Flamme de la Liberte, which is the unofficial monument to Princess Diana who passed away near here.

It is also close to the Palais de Tokyo and the unusual Musee des Egouts, but the opposite way of the river you have the Pont d’Iena, which is another historical bridge in Paris right by the Trocadero Gardens and the Eiffel Tower that is situated on the opposite bank.

This means that the Russian Conservatory is also close to public transport in Paris including the Metro stations called the Alma - Marceau stop and the Iena stop, both serving line 9.

Yet on the opposite bank close to the Pont d'Iena there is a dock for the water bus that travels up and down the River Seine called the Batobus, which is right by the dock for the Bateaux Parisiens providing sightseeing and dinner cruises.

Alternatively, the Bus Lines 32, 42, 63, 72, 80, 82, 92 will also get you within walking distance of the Conservatoire Russe de Paris Serge Rachmaninoff and there are also bus tours such as L'OpenTour that have dedicated stops nearby.