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HD photographs of Pont d'Arcole in Paris

This time we were visiting the 1st Arrondissement of Paris when we took these HD photos of the Pont d’Arcole bridge over the River Seine, which was constructed in the 1800s connecting Quai aux Fleurs and Quai de la Corse on the Ile de la Cite to Quai de l’Hotel de Ville and Quai de Gesvres next to Hotel de Ville.
High definition photograph of the Pont d'Arcole over the River Seine in Paris

Pont d Arcole Over The River Seine

Here you can see a photo we took of the Pont d'Arcole looking downstream of the River Seine, and to the left of the image is the Quai aux Fleurs, and to the right is the Voie Georges Pompidou, but you can also see where the right bank abutment of the bridge was hollowed out to allow the expressway to pass underneath, which the white van was just emerging from.

Photo showing the Pont d'Arcole eastern side viewed from Quai de l'Hotel de Ville

Pont d Arcole Eastern Side

It was back in the 1820s that a pedestrian bridge was first constructed in this location, yet the bridge you can see today that is shown in this image was only constructed in the 1850s because there was more of a need for a larger and wider bridge due to increasing traffic, which then became named the Pont d'Arcole and is now utilised by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

HD photo showing one of the Keystone pillars on Pont d'Arcole with its green marble inlays

Pont d Arcole Keystone Pillar

This is a close up photo we took showing one of the four keystones that are located on the Pont d'Arcole, which as you can see in this image, are not as ornate as those on some bridges, but do have some aesthetics with the marble inlay sections and these are located on all four ends of the bridge above the abutments on the banks.

The northern end of Pont d'Arcole as it connects to Quai de l'Hotel de Ville and Quai de Gesvres

Pont d Arcole Northern End

Now this photograph of the Pont d'Arcole shows northern end of this bridge in Paris, which is the section that connects to Quai de l'Hotel de Ville and Quai de Gesvres, after going over the Voie Georges Pompidou road, that is on the right bank of the River Seine next to Hotel de Ville.

This photo shows the western side of Pont d'Arcole looking towards the Ile de la Cite

Pont d Arcole Western Side

This photo was taken from the right bank of the River Seine looking over towards the Ile de la Cite, which is where this bridge meets the Rue d'Arcole before it gets to the square in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral, that is one of the towers you can see virtually in the centre of the picture.

The southern end of Pont d'Arcole as it connects to Quai de la Corse and Quai aux Fleurs

Pont d Arcole Southern End

As you can tell from this photo we took, the Pont d'Arcole has a metal construction with one single low arch, and this was actually the first bridge of its kind to be constructed in Paris back in the 1850s and it was designed by a retired engineer called Alphonse Oudrey along with Nicolas Cadiat.

Photograph of tourists on the Pont d'Arcole in Paris

Pont d Arcole Tourists

This is a photograph we took of the Pont d'Arcole while we were standing on the Quai de l'Hotel de Ville, east side of the bridge, looking over the River Seine towards the Ile de la Cite island with its historical buildings such as the Conciergerie you can see in the distance.

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Pont d’Arcole
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