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HD Photos of Hotel de Ville in Paris France - Page 1

Now after visiting Notre Dame cathedral we started to walk towards the other side of the River Seine and then saw Hotel de Ville, which we had not planned to visit, but it was so close we had to go and have a quick look at least, and as you can see from these high definition photos we managed to take, the Hotel de Ville has some very impressive architecture and was a little larger than we expected.

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Photo of the front facade at Hotel de Ville

Front Facade Of Hotel de Ville

Taken from across the street by the River Seine, here you can see a photograph of the front facade of the Hotel de Ville along with the square in front, which was opened up to traffic when the City Hall was reconstructed, but it regained some of its original symbolism as a place of celebrations after the Liberation of Paris in World War II, when General Charles de Gaulle delivered his speach from the City Hall, yet it was not until 1982 that it became pedestrianised once more and two fountains designed by Francois Xavier Lalanne were put in place.

Picture showing the equestrian statue of Etienne Marcel at Hotel de Ville

Etienne Marcel Statue At Hotel de Ville

Here you can see an equestrian statue that was sculpted to depict Etienne Marcel riding his horse, and this image was taken on a nice sunny day with a part of the sumptuous Renaissance style Hotel de Ville or City Hall, as a backdrop, which is located by the River Seine in the 4th Arrondissement of the Paris, and is still home to the Paris counil, with the first municipality being founded in 1246.

This photo shows the South facade of Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville South Facade

The Hotel de Ville in Paris, which you can see today was constructed in the July of 1872 after the original was burned down during the Paris Commune and as you can tell from this HD photo we took of the South facade, it is a very impressive and large building over 110 metres long and 45 metres high, which actually makes this the largest city hall in Europe, that is still home to the offices of the Paris council and the Mayor.

Hotel de Ville front facade on the West side

Hotel de Ville Front Facade West Side

The square outside the Hotel de Ville that you can see in this picture was originally called the Place de Greve until 1803 when the name changed to the Place de l'Hotel de Ville, yet when this new neo Renaissance building was constructed after a fire and the destruction of the original during the Paris Commune, the only part that was salvaged was the clock, which was put in place on the central facade of the new City Hall, which is located beneath the tower, but unfortunately cannot be seen in this image.

Close up HD photo of the Etienne Marcel statue that sits on the South side of Hotel de Ville

Hotel de Ville Etienne Marcel Statue

Etienne Marcel was the most famous of all the Prevot des Marchands, which translates to the Provost of the Merchants and was a title give to a person in France prior to a mayor, and we took this close up photograph of the equestrian statue that was sculpted by Antonin Idrac and stands outside the Hotel de Ville, which is very apt, considering that the City Hall in Paris still holds the offices of the mayor, and it was Marcel that purchased a house on this same spot back in the 1300s.

Hotel de Ville belfrey with EU and French flags flying

Hotel de Ville Belfrey

This is a photo of the Hotel de Ville tower or belfrey, which is positioned in the centre of this sumptuous, large and ornate City Hall in Paris, and overlooking the square you can see some of the fine architectural details and different statues, not forgetting the EU and French flags flying proudly on the beautiful day we had with not a cloud in site.

Close up photo of ornate chimneys on Hotel de Ville along with a statue on the roof peak

Ornate Chimneys On Hotel de Ville

With a stunning blue sky and not a cloud in sight, we took this close up HD photo showing one of the many different statues that adorn the Hotel de Ville in Paris, and what with the elaborate architecture plus its rich history, the City Hall, which is the largest in Europe, is one of the tourist attractions not to be missed, and exhibitions are even held here from time to time, along with special openings on Heritage Days.

Close up picture of Hotel de Ville bell tower with its winged statues

Hotel de Ville Bell Tower And Statues

The Hotel de Ville has been classified as a historical monument in Paris, and although it is based on the original Renaissance design from the 1500s with its ornate chimneys and the bell tower that you can see in this high definition photo, the Hotel de Ville was only reconstructed in the 1800s, although the design is still very similar to what it was and that of an elegant chateau or palace.

Photo of Hotel de Ville South East corner with its statues

Hotel de Ville South East Corner

This is a photo we took showing a part of the south facade of the Hotel de Ville in Paris that looks out towards the River Seine, and as you can see there are numerous different statues of famous people, and these sculptures, of which there over are 130, were all by selected artists that had received official recognition, whether it be from a World Fair or a Prix de Rome.

View of Hotel de Ville from Quai de l'Hotel de ville

Hotel de Ville From Quai de l'Hotel de ville

We took this photo of the Hotel de Ville in Paris that was designed in a Renaissance style almost identical to the original building that had been located on the site originally known as the Place de Greve, yet some things have since changed, like the fact that instead of allowing traffic through, there is now a lovely public square that was designed with fountains outside the building, plus this square had a name change to the Place de l'Hotel de Ville.

This photo of Hotel de Ville was taken from Pont Saint-Louis looking over the River Seine

Hotel de Ville From Pont Saint-Louis

This photo of Hotel de Ville we took from across the River Seine, and although this was designed by the architects Theodore Ballu and Edouard Deperthes in the 1880s after the previous building had burned down, it is very similar to the original Hotel de Ville that was instigated by King Francois I in 1533, yet based on the fabulous Chateaux of the Loire valley, the construction of the original was not completed until 1628 during the reign of King Louis XIII.

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