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Photographs of the equestrian Etienne Marcel statue at Hotel de Ville in Paris - Page 189

This time while in the 4th Arrondissement of Paris we decide to visit Paris city hall that is known as Hotel de Ville, and as you will see from these high definition photographs, you can find an equestrian statue of Etienne Marcel on the south facade of this historical building.

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Equestrian Statue Of Etienne Marcel

This is a close up photo we took of the bronze equestrian statue of Etienne Marcel, and it was the French sculptor Jean Antoine Idrac who was chosen for the commission, but unfortunately he died in 1884 before this was completed, so the project was taken over by the artist Laurent Marqueste who was responsible for the horse that Etienne is riding.

Bronze Statue Of Etienne Marcel

With this image you can see a side view of the equestrian statue of Etienne Marcel, who was given a title in 1354 of Prevot des Marchands, which translates to a Provost of the Merchants in English, and this was what a person was known as prior to the title of Mayor used today.

Side View Of Etienne Marcel Statue

It was back in 1882 that a completion was launched in order to produce an equestrian statue in memory of Etienne Marcel, who was a Provost, or Mayor of Paris, and the bronze statue you can see in this photo was eventually inaugurated in July 1888 outside the City Hall in the 4th Arrondissement in the location formerly known as the Place de Greve where he once lived and worked.

Etienne Marcel Statue And Facade Hotel De Ville

To take this photo we were standing on Quai de l'Hotel de Ville looking towards the impressive city hall and the Etienne Marcel statue, who originally purchased a mansion house where this Renaissance style government building now stands.

Etienne Marcel Statue With Its Pedestral

Now as you can see from this photo the equestrian statue of Etienne Marcel sits on a rather large pedestal or base, which was designed by Theodore Ballu, who was the chief architect for public works at the Hotel de Ville in Paris, yet passing away before completion, his son Albert Ballu continued on and completed the project, and if you look carefully at the image you can see the name Etienne Marcel in the top band of decoration.

Etienne Marcel Statue By Jean Antoine Idrac

With this photo you can see the impressive size of this equestrian statue in Paris, which actually stands over 8 metres in height with its pedestal, and as we have mentioned before, this is dedicated to Etienne Marcel who was assassinated in 1358, but became the most famous of all Prevot des Marchands.

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Place de l'Hotel de Ville
Ile de France

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