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With so many different tourist attractions in Paris you can visit, you will find it a hard job deciding which ones you want to go and see when in this capital city, but this also means that you can find some unusual attractions, landmarks and museums in Paris, that will suit anyone’s particular interests.

Paris attractions

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The Chinese Pagoda In Paris

When it comes to some of the unusual buildings and monuments in Paris, then the Chinese Pagoda has got to be one not to be missed.

Musee du Montparnasse Museum In Paris

The Montparnasse museum was first created in 1951 within an artists studio by photographer Marc Veax, and is dedicated to the artists from this area of Paris.

Musee Carnavalet Is A Museum On The History Of Paris

Musee Carnavalet is the oldest municipal museum in Paris which depicts the history of Paris from a dugout canoe dating from 4600BC through to the present day.

Bateaux Parisiens Boat Cruises On The River Seine In Paris

The Bateaux Parisiens operates tours and boat cruises on the River Seine in Paris, and includes options like the enchanted cruise, a lunch or a dinner cruise.
- Photos of Bateaux Parisiens

Bateaux Parisiens Tours And Dinner Cruises On The River Seine

The Bateax Parisiens provide different types of boat tours and boat dinner cruises on the River Seine with their fleet of panoramic boats and restaurant boats.

Hotel Carnavalet Mansion House In Paris

The Hotel Carnavalet is one of the oldest houses in the Marais area of Paris, and is the home of Musee Carnavalet, which is the Museum of the history of Paris.

The Wallace Fountains In Paris

The Wallace Fountains in Paris are named after Richard Wallace who designed and paid for these drinking water fountains that are dotted all over Paris.
- History of the Wallace Fountains

Pau Brasil Cabaret Paris The Largest Brazilian Cabaret Worldwide

The Pau Brasil is the largest Brazilian cabaret in the world and you can discover an exotic, yet modern atmosphere with a gourmet cuisine dinner show in Paris.

Musee Guimet Museum In Paris On Asiatic Arts

The Musee Guimet is also known as Musee des Art Asiatiques Guimet and is dedicated to Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian artefacts and art masterpieces.
- History of the Musee des Arts Asiatique Guimet

Place Igor Stravinsky Square in Paris

This small square in Paris is situated by the Pompidou Centre and has modern fountains with moving parts and bright colours that delight the children.

Pantheon Bouddhique Buddhist Pantheon in Paris France

The Buddhist Pantheon museum has a unique collection of revered figures like the holy images of Buddhas and divine entities that was compiled by Emile Guimet.

Capitaine Fracasse River Seine Dinner Cruises In Paris France

The Capitaine Fracasse offers reasonable cost River Seine dinner cruises in the evening serving a three course meal whilst seeing the famous monuments in Paris.

Japanese Garden and Tea Pavilion in Paris

Located at the Pantheon Bouddhique in Paris you will find a small Japanese garden and a Tea Pavilion where the traditional Japanese Tea ceremonies are held.

The Hotel le Peletier de Saint-Fargeau Historical Mansion In Paris

A beautiful mansion house constructed in 1688 within the Marais area and is now part of the Musee Carnavalet which is the museum of the history of Paris

Musee du Compagnonnage Apprenticeship Museum In Paris

This museum traces the history of craftsman and apprenticeship in France from the Middle Ages and is housed in the former headquarters of the Carpenters Guild.

Aux Charpentiers Bistro In Paris Established Since The 1860s

The Aux Charpentiers is a bistro in Paris that has been visited by numerous famous people over the years, and still provides good quality French cuisine.

Jazz Club Etoile Soul And Blues Music Venue In Paris

This lounge club come restaurant is a music venue with jazz, soul and blues entertainment in Paris and has seen top musicians like BB King and Fats Domino

Place Joachim-du-Bellay or Square des Innocents in Paris

The Place Joachim du Bellay square in Paris is often known as the Square des Innocents due to its fountain in the middle called the Fontaine des Innocents.

Fontaine des Innocents Fountain in Paris

The Fontaine des Innocents is the oldest monumental fountain in Paris dating from the 1500s, and is in the centre of the square called Place Joachim du Bellay.

Musee d’Ennery Asian Art Museum In Paris

This Paris museum has a rich and varied collection of Asian art collected by Clemence and Adolphe Philippe Ennery, and is displayed within their mansion house.

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