Pont Mirabeau bridge in Paris

When constructed back in 1893, this was the longest and highest bridge in Paris that connects the 15th and 16th Arrondissements, and has four allegorical statues over the piles that are designed to represent boats.

About Pont Mirabeau Bridge over the River Seine

The decision was taken for a new bridge to constructed over the River Seine back in the January of 1893 and was designed by the engineer Paul Rabel, who was assisted by Amedee d’Alby and Jean Resal, who was also the engineer for the Pont Alexandre III bridge and the Passerelle Debilly footbridge.
Pont Mirabeau statue
Made of metal, there are three spans in total with the main arch being around 93 metres with two other lateral arches that are 32 metres each, and at the time of construction it became the longest bridge over the River Seine, and also the highest bridge, which would not have been possible if it were made of stone like many of the bridges were prior, and this is just one of the reasons why it has become classified as an historical monument in Paris.

Also, you will find that there are decorations of four bronze statues sitting in part of a boat with the bow or stern being seen on one side or the other on the piers, which were designed by Jean Antoine Injalbert, who was also named an officer of the Legion of Honour when the Pont Mirabeau bridge was inaugurated.

These four bronze statues, which are known as allegories, have specific themes.  The first is called The City of Paris and sits on the prow of the boat on the pier by the right bank, and the statue face out towards the River Seine.  The other statue on the prow of the second pier on the left bank was sculpted to represent Abundance and again looks towards the river.
Whereas the other two allegories on this bridge in Paris, which are called Navigation and Commerce, are both presented in the stern of the boat on each pier and actually face the Pont Mirabeau, again with one on the left bank and the other on the right bank of the River Seine, yet these sculptures by Injalbert are also sometimes known as sea deities.

There is also a Paris coat of arms, plus you can discover a plaque located at the Pont Mirabeau bridge on the side wall on the right bank which has been engraved providing the first verse of a poem written by Guillaume Apollinaire.  And in fact, there is a recording of his voice reading his verses of the poem related to Pont Mirabeau, which is also the oldest recording that celebrates the River Seine, which he loved so dearly with the flow of the river.

Visiting Pont Mirabeau in Paris

You will find the Pont Mirabeau bridge spanning the river from the 15th Arrondissement on left bank by the Rue de la Convention and Place Mirabeau going over to the 16th Arrondissement and the Rue de Remusat heading towards the Place Paul Beauregard on the right bank.
Pont Mirabeau iron arches
Pont Mirabeau Paris
So as you are walking along the River Seine enjoying the scenery, the bridge downstream from the Pont Mirabeau is called the Pont du Garigliano, whereas upstream you can discover the Pont de Grenelle, which is at the tip of the Ile aux Cygnes island that holds the Statue of Liberty in Paris.

Now when it come to getting here, obviously a pleasant way is by experiencing the different ports and quays by walking, however, if you are utilising the public transport in Paris, then the nearest Metro station called the Javel - Andre Citroen stop via line 10 or the RER train station called Javel via line C are both located on the left bank.  Yet if you are coming from the right bank, the nearest Metro station would be the Mirabeau stop, which is also on line 10.