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French National Holidays In France
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And in fact, there are always different temporary and unique exhibitions being conducted such as with paintings, sculptures, photography and more, along with mini concerts to discover the heritage of the Breton region.

But the tourist information centre also offers ideas to plan a holiday in Paris or in Brittany, whether it be around festivals and events that are taking place, the culture such as dancing, nature, gourmet French cuisine, the history, etc, or places to stay such as hotels and different activities you can enjoy.

So if you are travelling through France and thinking of stopping in Brittany, then this could well be a good place to visit, but there is also always a varied and comprehensive programme of events and exhibitions taking place for something completely different to discover while in the capital city of France.

Access to La Maison de la Bretagne Cultural Centre in Paris

This centre is located in the 15th Arrondissement in the Montparnasse area close to the Tour Montparnasse Tower, this museum, cultural and exhibition centre along with the tourist information section is open on a Monday through to a Friday from 9.30am to 6pm.

It is also close to many other museums in Paris such as the Musee du Montparnasse, the Musee Bourdelle along with the Gare Montparnasse train station that has a garden above it called the Jardin Atlantique with museums above such as the Musee Jean Moulin who was a French resistance fighter.

Access to La Maison de la Bretagne is also easy via the Metro station called the Montparnasse Bienvenue or via the RER at the Gare Montparnasse train station in Paris, or even if you are coming from further afield into the city.

Address and Contact Details

Maison de la Bretagne
8 Rue de l’Arrivee
Ile de France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 53 63 11 50

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La Maison de la Bretagne Cultural Centre in Paris France

Even though the place is classed as a museum, it is more of an information and cultural centre providing tourist information on the Brittany region of France, yet does also have temporary exhibitions and hosts mini concerts, meetings, etc.

About the Maison de la Bretagne in Paris

The goals of the Maison de la Bretagne, which translates to The House of Brittany, are to promote the culture of this incredible region in France that so many Parisians go to for a holiday each year, however it also serves as a tourist information centre for people from Brittany coming for a holiday in Paris.

Having only been open since 2010 there have been numerous different events that have taken place at this cultural centre such as exhibitions, meetings, presentations and more that promote Breton artists, which is why this is often classed as a museum in Paris.
La Maison de la Bretagne Cultural Centre
Bretagne Cultural Centre
Brittany Cultural Centre