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We were at the Pont des Arts when we took these high definition photos showing a sculpture called Colin Maillard, which was part of a temporary exhibition by Daniel Hourde.

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Colin Maillard sculpture by artist Daniel Hourde
This first HD photo shows a statue called Colin Maillard, which refers to a game called Blind Mans Buff and its origin comes from a man by the name of Jean Colin Maillard who was a warrior that had his eyes gouged during battle, yet continued to fight, and the game evolves from this where a person is blindfolded.
Skeleton on Colin Maillard sculpture on Pont des Arts
Here you can see the top part of the statue, which was made in bronze and completed in 2008 by the contemporary artist Daniel Hourde, and as you can tell it has a skeleton sculpture on top, with the hand covering the face depicting a distorted Colin Maillard figure from centuries ago.
Bronze Colin Maillard sculpture, Enchanted Footbridge exhibition, Paris
Now this particular statue and sculpture is part of a temporary exhibition on the Pont des Arts called La Passerelle Enchantee, which in English translates to The Enchanted Footbridge and a part of the theme for the exhibition was myth and magic, but with a darker side to some of the statue compositions.
Front left side of Colin Maillard sculpture, Pont des Arts
The Pont des Arts is a footbridge that goes over the River Seine from the Musee du Louvre to the Institut de France and became referred to as the Bridge of Love, where people used to place padlocks on the railings, but due to the increasing numbers and their weight, it was becoming dangerous, so these were removed and replaced with plexglass clear panels.
Colin Maillard sculpture right side top half
And it was at this transitional stage that a temporary art exhibition was placed on the pedestrian bridge called La Passerelle Enchantee, with numerous sculptures and statues from Daniel Hourde, with each one being produced in some form of metal such as stainless steel or like this statue, bronze, referring to the railings and lovelocks.
Front of bronze Colin Maillard sculpture, Paris
However, there are not just strange distorted figures, but as you can see behind the statue of Colin Maillard, there is a mirror effect sculpture, which is one of several designed to depict trees, and this was another part of the theme Daniel Hourde wished to incorporate from when the designers of the Pont des Arts wished it to be a promenade area like a suspended garden.
Back right side of Colin Maillard sculpture 2016 exhibition
The Enchanted Footbridge temporary installation was run alongside an exhibition at the Galerie Agnes Monplaisir in Paris and it is the founder of this gallery who represents the artist, Daniel Hourde, who was instrumental in making this outdoor at display a reality.
2008 Colin Maillard sculpture by Daniel Hourde
Yet many other people were also involved with making La Passerelle Enchantee exhbition on the Pont des Arts happen, including Jean-Marc Weill for the engineering, Woytek Mazurek for the technical design and Simon Drotter for the realisation and installation.
Sculpture Colin Maillard, Pont des Arts and River Seine view
Although, this is not the first time that this particular Colin Maillard statue by Daniel Hourde has been on display, because this was sculpted between 2007 and 2008 and was within an exhibition held in Berlin in 2011, before being placed within this exhibition on the Pont des Arts in 2016.
Le Passerelle Enchantee exhibition Paris 2016
You will find that this statue almost seems larger than life, and it is approximately 2.2 metres in height, and Daniel Hourde produces many strange distorted figures that appear to be struggling or twisting in moments of pain or joy, also with an essence of myth and magic, which is what part of La Passerelle Enchantee is all about.
width="695" height="927"Pont des Arts, Daniel Hourde Enchanted Footbridge exhibition
So, even though this was the first major outdoor exhibition on the Pont des Arts since the 1990s, this is something that the City of Paris wish to bring back to the bridge, which they hope will still attract visitors to take a romantic stroll over the River Seine and be able to admire the views without the padlocks.
Info plaque for Colin Maillard sculpture by Daniel Hourde
But this close up photograph shows the tourist information plaque fixed to the platform of the temporary installation of La Passerelle Enchantee detailing the two different sculptures in this section by the contemporary artist Daniel Hourde, who lives and works in Paris.

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