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While we were on the Pont des Arts looking at La Passerelle Enchantee Exhibition, we took these high definition photos showing a sculpture called Arbre VI mirror, by Daniel Hourde.

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Arbre VI sculpture by artist Daniel Hourde
The Pont des Arts became referred to as the Bridge of Love and people used to add padlocks, known as lovelocks, to the railings, however, the amount and the weight of these was affecting the integrity of the footbridge, so the City of Paris decided that these needed removing, and the railings were replaced with plexiglass see through panels.
width="330" height="280"Polished stainless steel sculpture Arbre VI
The City of Paris also wanted this pedestrian bridge to become a place for temporary art exhibitions, as it had been in the past, and the contemporary artist Daniel Hourde was chosen to provide an exhibition during this transitional stage, named La Passerelle Enchantee, which in English translates to The Enchanted Footbridge.
Enchanted Footbridge exhibition Arbre VI
So, the contemporary art sculpture you can see in these HD photos is called Arbre VI mirror, which in English translates to Tree 6, and this was sculpted in the early part of 2016 and is one of several trees forming part of the temporary exhibition on the Pont des Arts.
Arbre VI sculpture on temporary platform
Daniel Hourde wanted the exhibition to relate to the Pont des Arts, and when the bridge was first constructed, the designers wanted this to be like a suspended garden where people could promenade over the River Seine from the Musee du Louvre to the Institut de France that you can see a part of here, although this was not practical.
Pont des Arts, Le Passerelle Enchantee exhibition, Paris
But this is why there are several trees within the temporary installation of La Passerelle Enchantee, and Arbre VI was sculpted using stainless steel, highly polished to provide a mirror effect, as you can see from this photograph with the different effects that are created from the clouds, etc.
Side of Arbre VI shiny contemporary tree
However, Daniel Hourde also wanted to relate to the Pont des Arts in another way for the transition of the railings and padlocks through to the clear panels, so all of the sculptures and statues included within The Enchanted Footbridge exhibition have been made using different type of metal, like this being stainless steel.
Info plaque for Arbre VI sculpture by Daniel Hourde
Now here you can see a close up photo we took of the tourist information plaque positioned on the decking of this temporary installation on the Pont des Arts, which details the names of the sculptures within this section along with the materials used and when they were created.
Sculpture Tree 6 for Pont des Arts Paris 2016
La Passerelle Enchantee temporary installation by Daniel Hourde was run in conjunction with a solo exhibition at the Galerie Agnes Monplaisir, and it is the founder of this gallery that represents the contemporary artist, who studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris to become a French sculptor.
Enchanted Footbridge exhibition, Pont des Arts, Paris
Yet there were many other people who were also involved in making this exhibition happen, which runs along the entire length of the Pont des Arts with different platforms holding two or three sculptures and statues on each one, like this one with Arbre VI mirror, which has a statue as well.

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