HD photographs of Arbre IV black sculpture on Pont des Arts in Paris - Page 786

We were on a footbridge over the River Seine in Paris called the Pont des Arts when we took these high definition photos showing a contemporary art sculpture called Arbre IV black, which was produced by Daniel Hourde.

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Enchanted Footbridge exhibition Arbre IV black sculpture by Daniel Hourde
This first HD photo shows a modern art sculpture called Arbre IV black, which in English translates to tree 4, and with an unusual contemporary design, the top part almost looks like it is the head of a bird with a long beak, but this is one of ten different tree sculptures positioned on the Pont des Arts.
Black Arbre IV sculpture Pont des Arts
Now this next image shows a close up of Tree 4, which was made using steel and then a black lacquer to provide different shades and reflexions against the sky and clouds, and this is part of a temporary exhibition called La Passerelle Enchantee.
Arbre IV black sculpture by Daniel Hourde
La Passerelle Enchantee, translates in English to The Enchanted Footbridge, and here you can see the tree sculpture silhouetted where it has been positioned on a platform on the Pont des Arts for the temporary installation of modern art works
Paris Enchanted Footbridge exhibition 2016 Arbre IV black
You will find that when the Pont des Arts was first constructed, the architects and designers wanted this pedestrian bridge to be like a suspended garden where people could promenade, and therefore, the artist Daniel Hourde, decided he would incorporate this idea into his exhibition with the black Arbre IV and nine others.
D Hourde black Arbre IV sculpture Pont des Arts
But it was the City of Paris that made the decision to transform the bridge from its lovelocks on the railings into a stage for temporary art works, and before the railings were replaced with plexiglass, there was street art, yet this major installation is the complete transitional stage for the Pont des Arts, where they intend to continue the theme of temporary exhibits for future visitors to enjoy.
Contemporary art sculpture black Arbre IV
And La Passerelle Enchantee runs alongside a solo exhibition by Daniel Hourde at the Galerie Agnes Monplaisir in Paris, and it is the founder of the gallery who represents this contemporary artist, who, in an interview, stated that the bridge has always been a symbol of love and of the arts, which she values most.

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