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We took these high definition photos showing a sculpture called Arbre I, which was part of a temporary exhibition on the Pont des Arts called La Passerelle Enchantee by the artist Daniel Hourde.

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Arbre I sculpture, The Enchanted Footbridge exhibition Paris
In this first HD photo you can see a contemporary art sculpture called Arbre I, which in English translates to Tree 1, and there are several of these positioned at intervals within the temporary installation on the Pont des Arts for La Passerelle Enchantee exhibition.
Arbre I contemporary sculpture by artist Daniel Hourde
La Passerelle Enchantee means The Enhanted Footbridge in English, and with a theme of myth and magic, the contemporary artist, Daniel Hourde, also wanted to relate to the history of the Pont des Arts, when originally the designers of the bridge wanted it to be a suspended garden where people could promenade over the River Seine, so hence why there are several tree sculptures.
Pont des Arts temporary sculpture Arbre I
You will find that Arbre I was produced in steel and coated with black lacquer, whereas some trees are mirrored stainless steel, which was another concept for The Enchanted Footbridge temporary exhibition, as each of the statues and sculptures on this temporary installation was made by Daniel Hourde utilising different types of metals.
Le Passerelle Enchantee Arbre I black lacquer sculpture
And this was to relate to the transition stage of the Pont des Arts that became referred to as the Bridge of Love, where people used to add padlocks to the railings, but becoming dangerous due to their weight, these lovelocks were removed and replaced by clear plexiglass panels, so hence this pedestrian bridge is now a place for temporary art, as it was many years before.

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