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HD photographs of flowers and shrubs inside Jardins du Trocadero - Page 5

We took these high definition photos showing just a small selection of the various different shrubs and flowers that can be found within the Jardins du Trocadero, which is located in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris.

[ Map Trocadero Gardens ]

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Pink Wild Roses Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

This first HD photo shows some beautifully pink coloured flowers with an orange centre that contains the pollen and the reproductive aspects of the flower, which we believe is one of the rose family, commonly called a Wild Rose.

Marco Of Anemone Flower Inside Jardins Du Trocadero   

Although we love visiting the different gardens in Paris, unfortunately we are not very good when it comes to recognising varieties of plants and flowers, however, we believe that this close up macro photo of a yellow flower is an anemone, but please feel free to correct us on this or others if we are wrong.

Flowering Shrubs On North West Side Of Jardins Du Trocadero

Here you can see a view looking over a part of the English styled garden area located in the north western side of the Jardins du Trocadero where you will find a pond with aquatic plant life, along with different flowering shrubs surrounding this.

Spiky Leaves On Evergreen Bush Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

Yet this macro photograph shows a close up of a water droplet on an evergreen bush that has spiky leaves, which is very similar to a holly leaf that you would traditionally see during the festive season.

Purple And White Bears Breeches Flowers Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

Landscape gardeners utilise many different varieties of plants and flowers to provide beautiful displays whatever the time of year, and here you can see one such plant called Bear's Breeches, which has a botanical name of Acanthus Spinosus that grows to over a meter in height, and has white and mauve flowers blooming from early summer.

Evergreen Hedge Leaves Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

The Jardins du Trocadero are probably most famous for its fountains and the views to the Eiffel Tower, which is the famous landmark you can see in the background, deliberately out of focus compared to the leaves of the shrubs where we were standing in the westerly part of the garden.

Green Leaves Of A Fatsia Japonica Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

It was Napoleon III that originally wanted the Trocadero Gardens to be a haven of peace, harmony and tranquillity with features that residents and those visiting the city could enjoy, and many features have remained the same since the 1800s, even though additional landscaping and many more varieties of plants, shrubs, flowers and trees have been added since.

Variegated Evergreen Leaves Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

Whereas this image shows a variegated plant within the Jardins du Trocadero, and when a plant is variegated it means that some of the cells cannot produce the green pigment needed for photosynthesis, and therefore appear white, hence normally this effect appears on the outside edges of the leaves.

Small Evergreen Trees Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

Located within the Trocadero Gardens, as well as ponds, there is also an artificial stream that you can see here with some stone steps, yet to the left are two small trees that have been pruned to a style like topiary, which provides an usual effect for this English style garden in the heart of the capital city of France.

Evergreen Hedera Leaves Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

Originally the area where the Jardins du Trocadero now sits was actually a quarry, so hence there are many rocks and stone walls, and one of the most popular plants utilised as an evergreen climbing plant is Hedera, commonly known as Ivy, and here you can see one of the several species of Ivy, next to a pathway by the Palais de Chaillot.

Flowering Perennials Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

Throughout the seasons you will see different varieties of flowers blooming or dying off like in this image, and in landscape gardening perennials are frequently used, as this term refers to a plant that lives for at least two years and can also withstand a frost, which is something very beneficial within Paris and France.

Evergreen Shrubs Inside Trocadero Gardens

Some shrubs and trees will lose their leaves during the colder months, however, to constantly provide colour to a garden, many different varieties of evergreen shrubs and trees are utilised, just like within the Trocadero Gardens, and coming in all shapes and sizes, these are one of the most popular choices for all gardeners and landscape designers.

Jardins Du Trocadero Evergreen Ground Foliage

It is alright having trees and climbers, but low growing shrubs are also a great way of providing different types of foliage lower to the ground bar flowerbeds providing colour at various times of the year, which is what you can see in this photo, again, next to a wall and pathway within the Jardins du Trocadero.

Acanthus Flowers Inside Jardins Du Trocadero

Yet this photograph shows some Acanthus flowers and other plants as we were looking over one of the ponds towards a grass area within the Trocadero Gardens, which was shaded by a large tree.

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