Carette Place de Trocadero in Paris

The Carette Paris Place du Trocadero has become one of the most well known pastry houses in Paris and this restaurant style brasserie come café and tea room is a popular place to experience party finger food and their tantalising pastries.

About the Carette in Paris

It was the dream and realisation of Jean Carette who started this venue back in 1927 in the middle of the roaring twenties and this elegant tea room was in a perfect location for such a venture, as it is located close to the Eiffel Tower and the place provides exceptional views of this famous monument in Paris.
Carette Place de Trocadero facade
The art deco style interior with wood and gilding goes extremely well with the sumptuous delights on offer which over the years gave Jean Carette a fantastic reputation.  So not only do Parisians travel from all over the city, but people come from all over the world to enjoy the atmosphere and its unique pastries.

However, it was taken over by a new team around ten years ago, but still with the same aims of bringing sweet and savoury delights along with an attentive service, plus for those days when it warm, you can also sit outside on the large terrace and enjoy some of their specialities.

Plus due to its resounding success that has still continued with the same traditions and renewed inspiration from the truly remarkable pastry chef, there is now another Carette that has opened up in Paris called the Carette Place des Vosges.

Cuisine at the Carette Place du Trocadero

One of their specialities is macaroons and you can also purchase these boxed and presented, which makes an ideal gift to take back for family and friends after your holiday in Paris.

Yet for lunch you could enjoy one of their sandwiches or salads, which is the preferred choice for many, although the wide selection of different finger foods, known as petit fours, is ideal for parties or for a group of people to enjoy together.
Carette Place de Trocadero Paris
Carette Place de Trocadero desset
There are a wide variety of different types of salads to choose from such as one with carrots, tomatoes, celery, potatoes and Norwegian smoked salmon or another with avocado, shrimps, cocktail sauce, king crab meat and chives.  And the salads range in price from €9 up to €12 as of 2012.

You could also opt for a club toasted sandwich with delights such as fillet of chicken breast, bacon, green salad, tomatoes and mayonnaise for around €9 and these are also accompanied by Chinese coleslaw as well.

At the Carette Paris Place de Trocadero, you can also order one of the French baguettes that come with a wide variety of different fillings and as of 2012, these range in price from €4.50 up to around €9.
Carette Place de Trocadero cuisine
But perhaps canapes, a brioche roll or even quiche Lorraine are more to your liking, and these are all the types of French food that you can enjoy as a quick snack to refuel you before the next tourist attraction in Paris that you would like to visit.

Access to Carette Place du Trocadero

The Carette brasserie and pastry house is located in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris by the Jardin du Trocadero where you will find Cine-Aqua aquarium in Paris and it is also close to the Eiffel Tower and the nearest Metro station is the Trocadero stop on lines 6 and 9.
Carette Place de Trocadero coloured macaroons
Carette Place de Trocadero sweet
It is open seven days a week, every single day of the year, so you are guaranteed to be able to get a snack or lunch, or of course experience some of their delicious pastries and macaroons, which can either be eaten on the premises or purchased as a takeaway.

In fact, it opens at 8am in the morning and does not close until midnight!