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HD photos of the Winston Churchill bronze statue at Petit Palais in Paris France - Page 10

This is a photo we took of the bronze statue of Sir Winston Churchill in Paris that was modelled on a photograph taken when he marched down the Champs Elysees with the French wartime leader General Charles de Gaulle, and sculpted by Jean Cardot in 1988, it was inaugurated in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II on the 80th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I, and this statue is located by the Petit Palais on the right bank of the River Seine on the avenue that also carries his name.

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Sir Winston Churchill Bronze Statue In Paris

In this next picture you cand see a side view of the statue of Winston Churchill, which as we mentioned before, was modelled upon a photograph that was taken while he walking with General Charles de Gaulle on a victory march down the Champs Elysees after World War II, yet as you can also see in this image, there were two people sitting on a bench in period costumes.

Winston Churchill Statue In Paris

Here you can see the side of the Petit Palais in the background as we were taking a photo of the statue of Sir Windston Chircuhill and although it is a great reminder of allies and triumph for many, this statue in Paris has also been subject to desecration and vandalism by some.

Yet while we were visiting, it looked like it did within the news reports from when it was first inaugurated by the french President Jacques Cirac and Queen Elizabeth II, which was really apt considering he was her first Prime Minister of the UK.

Winston Churchill Statue At Petit Palais

This is a close up photo showing the base of the statue that portrays Winston Churchill walking a victory march, and the base includes his famous words of We Shall Never Surrender, which were spoken by the UK Prime Minister back on 4th June 1940 in London.

And funded purely by Paris and France, incredibly, this statue with its base, which were sculpted by Jean Cardot, weighs well over two tons and stands over 3 metres high, and was acually inaugurated on the armistice day with even the speach of Queen Elizabeth II being in French.

Base Of Winston Churchill Statue

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