Roland Garros Food and Drink Options

There are numerous different choices for food and drink while you are enjoying the tennis at Roland Garros including the Terraces, Le Bar Lounge, snack stands and stalls including an innovative option to pre-order takeaway food, so you do not miss out on the French Open tennis tournament you have come to enjoy.

Le Bar Lounge

Located next to Court 8 and in the heart of Roland Garros tennis stadium close to the Suzanne Lenglen court The Lounge Bar is a place where you can relax with friends or family in a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Sandwiches at Roland Garros
Open from 9:30am, you can enjoy breakfast at Le Bar Lounge before start of play, as a place to unwind any time, even in between matches with a gourmet sandwich, savoury snack, pastry, cold drink, etc. There are also platters on offer along with cocktails, other drinks and partner events that are served throughout the day.

The Roland Garros Terraces

With the renovations and expansion that has taken place over the last few years, as you can discover from the history of Roland Garros, there are now various terraces where you can relax and enjoy a variety of foods on offer, which are all open from 9:30am with continuous service throughout the day.

La Terrasse Suzanne-Lenglen

There are three concession stands located on the southern forecourt of Court Suzanne-Lenglen with a variety of hot food like home-made burgers and pizzas plus the authentic Roland Garros Cheddar sauce hot dog with friend onions, in addition to fresh sandwiches and salads. There is also a snack stand with a good range of cold snacks to suit every budget and taste.

La Terrasse Simonne-Mathieu

An entirely new terrace area with the new space at Roland Garros, the Terrasse Simonne Mathieu is located to north of the tennis court with the same name, which is another space where you can relax and enjoy the various food and drink options.

La Terrasse Mousquetaires

Located next to the Place des Mousquetaires by Court 1 and Court Philippe Chatrier, this terrace offers a break in the shade of trees and parasols, which is ideal for breakfast or lunch with a crepe and waffle stall and a concession stand, not forgetting the snack stand for a quick bite.
Cakes at Roland Garros
Pizza at Roland Garros

Les Terrasses du Fond des Princes

Situated to the north and south of Court 12 and Court 13, there are now 2 new areas where you can enjoy a bite to eat or refreshing drink, plus there are ice cream stands and a new snack stand, meaning a wide choice for all tastes and budgets.

Les Terrasses de l'Allee du Village

In addition, since 2018 there are now shady spots between the Court Philippe-Chatrier and Court 7 referred to as the Les Terrasses de l'Allee du Village where you can enjoy a freshing drink or quick snack from stalls offering crepes, waffles and fruit.

Concession stands, snack stands and stalls

When you wish to have a bit of time out with a relaxing break in between tennis matches, you will find numerous food and drink options located at strategic points throughout Stade Roland Garros, which is most famous for being host to the French Open Grand Slam tennis tournament.

Positioned along the walkways of Roland-Garros there are various stalls offering sweet and savoury bites, quick snacks and refreshments catering for virtually every taste and budget.
Takeaway foods at Roland Garros
In addition, there are Gourmet stands located in the four corners of Roland-Garros Stadium offering tempting pastries plus crepes and waffles with different toppings available, plus you can discover the dedicated Fruit stand with fresh fruit salads and choices to customise a serving to your liking.

With different Concession stands also by terraces we mentioned above, these are located around the Court Suzanne-Lenglen, underneath Court 1, by the new Village area and the Marcel-Bernard walkway.

Yet for those of you with Category 2 and Category 3 tickets, you could also take advantage of the Concession stands positioned within the walkways of the Court Philippe-Chatrier, where quality fast food is served to suit all appetites. You will find that the Concession stands offer food such as the famed Roland Garros hot dog mentioned earlier, Croque-monsieurs, desserts and salads along with cold drinks and much more.

There are also the Snack stands positioned on walkways at Stade Roland Garros including some new ones that we mentioned by the terraces and these are self-service stands offering a wide selection of snacks for all budgets that you can grab for a quick bite.
Pasta dishes at Roland Garros
And with all options open from 9:30am daily, you never need to go hungry or thirsty and can enjoy the experience with ease, but for a guide showing the location of the various food and drink outlets including the main terraces, Le Bar Lounge and the tennis court positions, please see our Roland Garros restaurant takeaway plan.

Not forgetting that you can download an app for Android or iPhone to pre-order your food to save time queuing, meaning you are less likely to miss any action. But do not despair if you cannot download an app, there are also now pre-order terminals along with different collection points, with one being located very close to Court Suzanne Lenglen.