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French National Holidays In France
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This public garden in Paris was designed by Jean-Charles Alphand and is in the style of an English garden, yet it still retained the name of Ranelagh who had been the first inspiration for the ball and public area.

There are actually three avenues that intersect the gardens, which are in a triangular shape spread over an area of approximately six hectares.  And it is shaded by a multitude of trees such as chestnut, ash and beech along with numerous other bushes and plants, some of which are still surviving from the original planting back in 1860 when the Jardins du Ranelagh were completed.

And since 2011 a path has been named Davia in honour of Henriette Ravenel who was a singer known as Davia and faces the alley Jean Sablon who was also a singer and actor and friend of Henriette.

About the Jardins du Ranelagh Park in Paris

With the gardens being accessible to the disabled, yet plenty of areas to sit on a park bench or take a stroll, the Jardins du Ranelagh is known as one of the more fashionable parks in Paris close to some nice restaurants, the Musee Marmottan Monet and the Theatre Ranelagh on its border.

You will find lovely lawns that are ideal for ball games as well as lazing in the sun or having a picnic, yet there is also a large childrens playground with swings, slide, sand pit, table tennis, etc.

However, at certain times of the year, you will find that there are even donkey and pony rides available along with a kiosk selling ice creams and toys, not forgetting that there is also a traditional wooden horse carousel along with a traditional puppet show in Paris.

And known as Marionnettes or Guignols these are traditional puppet theatres that still enthral children today and located by the Avenue du Ranelagh within this garden there is a traditional puppet theatre in Paris that is open from March to the end of July, September and October on a Wednesday, Sunday and during national French holidays.  Normally the shows are held around 3pm or 4pm on these days, and you just need to listen out for the bell that will ring to let you know that the show will be starting soon. 

This is also one of the WiFi zones in Paris, and of course has public toilets plus there is a bandstand in one area that often holds musical concerts on a Sunday and impromptu entertainment that you can enjoy.

Access to the Jardins du Rangelagh Gardens in Paris

The Jardins du Ranelagh gardens are located in the 16th Arrondissement close to many shops and other tourist attractions in Paris such as the Musee Marmottan Monet that we mentioned earlier, and it is an ideal place to take your children or just relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Again as we mentioned earlier, it is fully accessible to the disabled plus it is open all year round, although during the warmer months it looks far prettier and has even more wildlife along more activities to enjoy.

Now when it comes to accessing the Jardins du Ranelagh park and gardens, the nearest Metro is called La Muette stop on line 9 and you can enter via the Avenue Prudhon or the Avenue Ingres.  However if you are utilising the bus public transport in Paris then you would need number 22, 32 or 52.

Address Details

Jardins du Ranelagh
1 avenue Prudhon
Ile de France

Tourist attractions close by

  -  Square des Ecrivains Combattants Morts pour la France
  -  Musee Marmottan Monet
  -  Cirque de Bouglione

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Jardins du Ranelagh Park and Gardens in Paris France

The Jardins du Ranelagh was turned into a beautiful park in 1860 and is a lovely area to relax with a picnic, enjoy the tranquillity of sitting amongst the trees or watch your children playing games, going to a puppet show or riding the carousel.

A bit of history..

An Irish gentleman by the name of Lord Ranelagh opened a public ball in London back in the 1700s and with its success a French gentleman by the name of Morisan decided to do the same thing in Paris.

This was how the Ranelagh Ball first started in 1774, yet it was during the time when Baron Haussmann was implementing the major improvements throughout the whole of Paris and making dramatic changes, which was when it was decided that this particular area would be turned into a park.
Jardins du Ranelagh
Jardins du Ranelagh Statue
Jardins du Ranelagh Park
Jardins du Ranelagh Pathway