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We were at the Arc de Triomphe located in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris, when we took these high definition photos showing a sculpture called La Prise d'Alexandrie, which was sculpted by John-Etienne Chaponniere.

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La Prise d'Alexandrie sculpture, Arc de Triomphe, Paris
La Prise d'Alexandrie also has a full name of La Prise d'Alexandrie le 21 Juillet 1798, which relates to The Fall of Alexandria, or the Taking of Alexandria, and this was a major battle that occurred during the French invasion of Egypt by the army under Napoleon Bonaparte, which is also known as the Battle of the Pyramids, so here you can see a scene depicted on a bas relief from this battle.
La Prise d'Alexandrie sculpture by John-Etienne Chaponniere
Now this next close up HD photo shows just a small section of the bas relief depicting The Fall of Alexandria and the detailing that went into producing this, which was by John-Etienne Chaponniere, also known as Jean-Etienne Chaponniere, who was born in Geneva in 1801, initially studying to become a sculptor in his home country and when he moved to Paris in 1822, he studied under James Pradier.
Arc de Triomphe sculpture La Prise d'Alexandrie Le 21 Juillet 1798
It was actually Adolphe Thiers, a French Prime Minister, Historian and the first President of the Third Republic who first recognised one of the works by John-Etienne Chaponniere at a Salon, and he commissioned this sculptor for the bas relief of La Prise d'Alexandrie for the Arc de Triomphe.

And initially this was shown at the 1834 Salon before being placed on this triumphal arch, and here you can see another scene of a soldier from Napoleon's army fighting with the Egyptians in the Battle of the Pyramids.
Battle scene from La Prise d'Alexandrie sculpture
Napoleon Bonaparte initially commissioned the Arc de Triomphe but never saw this completed and even La Prise d'Alexandrie was only sculpted one year before John-Etienne Chaponniere died back in his home country of Switzerland, so unfortunately, being plagued by ill health, he had a very short career, yet it was Adolphe Thiers who dedicated the Arc de Triomphe upon its completion and also arranged the return of Napoleon to Paris from Saint-Helena.
Arc de Triomphe NW leg with La Prise d'Alexandrie sculpture
So this photograph shows the location of La Prise d'Alexandrie bas relief on the left hand column above the sculpture called La Paix de 1815 by Antoine Etex, and to give you even more of an idea, this is on the north western facade that faces towards the Avenue de la Grande Armee, which goes towards the modern triumphal arch called the Grande Arche.

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