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HD photographs of La Bataille d'Aboukir sculpture on the Arc de Triomphe - Page 1033

We were in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris at the Arc de Triomphe, when we took these high definition photos showing a bas relief called La Bataille d'Aboukir, which was sculpted by Bernard Gabriel Seurre.

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La Bataille d'Aboukir Sculpture On Arc De Triomphe

This first HD photo shows a bas relief called La Bataille d'Aboukir, which also has a full name of La Bataille d'Aboukir le 25 Juillet 1799 and this relates to The Battle of Aboukir where Napoleon Bonaparte defeated the Ottoman Army of Seid Mustafa on 25th July 1799 during the French campaign in Egypt.

Arc De Triomphe South East Leg With La Bataille d'Aboukir Sculpture

Now this particular bas relief, or low relief was sculpted in stone in 1833 to adorn the famous triumphal arch commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte, called the Arc de Triomphe, even though he never got to see its completion, but as you can tell from this photograph it is positioned on one of the pillars above another sculpture called Le Triomphe de 1810.

La Bataille d'Aboukir Sculpture By Sculptor Bernard Gabriel Seurre

Yet here you can see a close up photograph showing some of the very fine detailing that went into producing the bas relief of La Bataille d'Aboukir le 25 Juillet 1799, which was by Bernard Gabriel Seurre, also known as Seurre the Elder, due to the fact that his younger brother was also a sculptor.

And born in Paris in 1795 he won the Prix de Rome in 1818, which led to many important public commissions, with this and two others for the Arc de Triomphe that he worked on between the years of 1833 and 1836, but other works by Bernard Gabriel Seurre can be seen at tourist attractions such as the Palais du Louvre, Eglise de la Madeleine and the Fontaine Moliere, etc.

East Facade Of Arc De Triomphe With La Bataille d'Aboukir Sculpture

However, here you can see one entire facade of the Arc de Triomphe, sometimes called the Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile, due to the fact of its location in the centre of a major roundabout, or intersection, and we took this picture with the Avenue des Champs-Elysees behind us, so therefore, the sculpture of The Battle of Aboukir is positioned on the left hand side column facing in generally a south easterly direction towards the famous avenue.

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