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While we were in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris at the Eglise de la Madeleine, we took these high definition photos showing a statue depicting Saint Ferdinand, which was sculpted by Jean Louis Jaley.

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Saint Ferdinand statue, Eglise de la Madeleine, Paris
This first HD photo shows a statue on the Madeleine Church that depicts Saint Ferdinand, which was one of thirty-four statues commissioned between 1837 and 1841 to different artists for the facades that were paid for by the French state, with this one being by Jean Louis Jaley.
Saint Ferdinand inscribed on Statue Base
However, this close up photo shows the name plaque inscribed on the pedestal base of the statue, and Saint Ferdinand, also referred to as King Ferdinand III of Castile, was born in around the year 1200 in Spain and prior to his death in Seville in 1252 he was also made King of Leon. uniting both territories, and in Roman Catholic religion his feast day is 30th May.

Ferdinand was canonised as Saint Ferdinand by Pope Clement X in 1671 and referred to as Fernando el Santo or San Fernando in Spanish, he is the patron saint of Seville who founded a university, several hospitals, monasteries and churches, crusaded against the Moors and held back Muslim invasions against Christians, plus reformed the law in a compiled form that was used for centuries.
Saint Ferdinand statue by Jean Louis Jaley
So as we mentioned earlier, the Saint Ferdinand statue was produced by Jean Louis Jalay who was born in 1802 and initially following his father as an engraver of medals, he then studied sculpture and won the Prix de Rome in 1827, continuing to gain recognition and receiving more medals and awards including the Legion of Honour, having produced many statues and sculptures for tourist attractions such as the Louvre Museum.
West Facade Madeleine Church and Saint Ferdinand statue
Yet here you can see the location of the statue positioned within a niche on the portico of the Eglise de la Madeleine, and when you are looking at the western facade from the street called the Place de la Madeleine, this is located as the sixth statue from the right hand side.

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