Fauchon gourmet food boutique in Paris

Fauchon has become an icon for gourmet foods and delicacies, where you can discover a delicatessen, patisserie, gift shop or boutique and the impressive Fauchon cafe for a truly exquisite dining experience.

About Fauchon

Fauchon has truly become one of the icons and landmarks in Paris with the finest gourmet products and its exclusive blends of spices, flavoured teas, chocolates and pastries, which have become renowned all over the world.
Fauchon gourmet food boutique Paris
And when you look back at the history of Fauchon, it had humble beginnings of the founder selling fresh produce from a cart.  Yet with the innovative ideas and starting the gourmet product shop with then a restaurant in Paris frequented by royalty and the high society from all over the world, it is no wonder that even the new owners were able to continue on this success and make the company what it is today.

The patisserie at Fauchon

The art of pastry making has been part of Fauchon since 1895 and you will find that the talented in house pastry chefs invent new creations and twists to some of the most famous pastries such as eclairs and macaroons.  They take great pleasure in surprising you with different flavours and delighting your senses, which can be harmonious delicacies that are inspired by seasonal produce.

The boulangerie or bakery at Fauchon

The bakery at Fauchon produces breads and Danish pastries that are made utilising traditional recipes respectful of the ingredients and cooking times to ensure top quality products each and every time.

The Fauchon delicatessen

The delicatessen at Fauchon provides a wide range of creations to delight all gourmets and these are characterised by being created with seasonal French produce and they utilise vegetables and delicate recipes to provide refined French dishes.

The charcuterie at Fauchon

You will find many different delights within the charcuterie section at this iconic gourmet store that include the finest products France has to offer, from the incredibly rare to the exquisite and the classic.

From obtaining terrines, the finest hams such as Noir de Bigorre and the famous Foie Gras that has been one of the items available since the store first opened in 1886, along with many of their own creations of Foie Gras for those true gourmet cuisine experiences.
Fauchon gourmet food boutique display
Fauchon gourmet food boutique Macrons

Fauchon cheeses

Here at the Place de la Madeleine you will be able to discover around 45 selected cheeses from all different regions in France that are selected for their refined and distinguishable flavours of classics such as Camembert and goats cheeses through to the incredible, rare or relatively unknown French cheeses.

And in addition to this, rather than just thinking of cheese after a main course or as the end of your meal, Fauchon have developed a range of cheese that are cooked with the best spices, fruits and alcohols to create custom made platters.

Seafood at Fauchon

What gourmet store in Paris could be without caviar.  After all, caviar is to gastronomy as diamonds are to jewellery, and Fauchon offers a selection of Osetra and Beluga caviars along with a unique French caviar farmed in the Aquitaine region.
Fauchon gourmet seafood
Smoked salmon is also often on the menu in restaurants in Paris and hear there are around 12 hand picked types of salmon that are either plain or feature creative blends and undergo a tailored smoking process such one of the range which is salmon marinated in mandarin and pink peppercorns.

Now all of the above are located at 24-26 Place de la Madeleine and the Fauchon Bakery is open from 8am through to 8pm on a Monday to Saturday, however for the delicatessen, etc, this is open from 9am through to 8pm on a Monday to Saturday, and for more information they can be contacted by telephone on +33 (0) 1 70 39 38 00.

The gift shop, boutique and cellar at Fauchon

The gift shop and boutique of the Fauchon showcases the finest French savoury and sweet gourmet products, and this where you can purchase items such as exclusive blends of spices, gourmet flavoured teas, exceptional chocolates and mouth watering delicacies through to oils, Fois Gras, jams, honey, mustards, terrines and much more.
Fauchon gourmet products
Fauchon gourmet pastry
Of course, you could be visiting this famous tourist attraction in Paris just for your own indulgences, or maybe you are looking for that unusual gift for a very special person, but whatever the reason, you are sure to find something here to satisfy your gourmet tendencies.

However, you cannot forget about their fabulous cellar that will make your journey in gastronomy complete with a range of selected French wines and champagnes that have stood the test of time and become a part of the history of Paris and France.

But you will also be able to discover their own Fauchon Cepages wines the Grand Champagnes and a range of spirits that can be enjoyed from the most modest to the most elaborate of occasions.

Now this part of Fauchon is actually located at 30 Place de la Madeleine and you will find it open from 9am through to 8pm on a Monday to Saturday.  And again they can be contacted by telephone for information or discussing specific requirements such as corporate gifts or those for weddings etc on +33 (0) 1 70 39 38 00.
Fauchon gourmet food boutique counters

Fauchon le Cafe

We mentioned way above that Fauchon also has a gourmet cafe in Paris and whether you wish to pop in for breakfast, a gourmet lunch, quick snack or a refined dinner in this contemporary setting, then you will not be disappointed.

Open from 8am through to midnight with non stop service, there are a wide variety of different dishes and menus to suite all tastes and pockets at the Fauchon Cafe in Paris, which is still just as popular today as it was many years ago with the famous and wealthy high society from around the world.

Access to Fauchon

We have mentioned many times before that this tourist attraction and iconic landmark in Paris is located on the Place de la Madeleine, which is in the 8th Arrondissement close to the impressive Madeleine church and the unusual Pinacoteque museums.

You will find the nearest Metro station is called the Madeline stop via lines 8, 12 or 14, however, the bus numbers 24, 42, 52, 84 and 94 will also get you close by.