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When visiting Paris if it be for a holiday or for a quick weekend break, you may just want to see some of the many tourist attractions this city has to offer, whether it be a particular monument, one of the old churches or even the only skyscraper in Paris that gives fabulous views over Paris and has the highest restaurant in Europe.

Paris attractions

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Ciel de Paris Restaurant at the Montparnasse Tower in Paris

The Ciel de Paris is a gourmet restaurant that is located within the Montparnasse Tower and this is not just the highest restaurant in Paris with its fabulous panoramic views, but it is actually the highest restaurant in Europe and provides gourmet French cuisine for a night to remember.

Musee Jean Moulin Museum In Paris

The Musee Jean Moulin is dedicated to the French Resistance fighter Jean Moulin and at this museum you will find displays detailing his career as an artist, the town prefect and him as a Resistance fighter, right through to when he died from his injuries after being tortured by the Germans.
- Jean Moulin French Resistance Fighter

Opera Comique Theatre In Paris

The Opera Comique was founded in 1714 and is a beautiful ornate building with frescos, statues gilded artworks, carvings and sculptures, plus has been host to theatre performances such as Carmen, Tosca and Don Giovanni to name a few.

Place des Victoires In Paris
Located on the border of the 1st and 2nd Arrondissements of Paris, the Place des Victoires was the first circular place of its kind and it was built around a statue in honour of King Louis XIV.

Le Train Bleu Restaurant in Paris

Train Bleu is a elegant and sophisticated restaurant in Paris that is inside the Gare de Lyon station, and this restaurant will take you back in time to the days of luxury travel with its impressive 1900s interior, along with its gourmet French cuisine.
- History Of The Train Bleu Restaurant

Maison Europeenne de la Photographie Ville de Paris

The Maison Europeenne de la Photographie is a museum and cultural centre on photographic media that showcases all forms of photography from reporting through to fashion etc, and now has over 15,000 pieces of works.

Musee Gustave Moreau Museum in Paris

This unique art museum in Paris was designed by the painter Gustave Moreau and is within the same building where he lived and worked, letting him have his works of art to be displayed to the general public just the way he wanted.

The Champ de Mars park in Paris

The Champ de Mars is a large park in Paris right by the Eiffel Tower between the Ecole Militaire military academy and the River Seine, and is the ideal place to have a picnic whilst enjoying the ornamental ponds.
- Photos of Champ de Mars

Memorial du Marachal Leclerc de Hauteclcocque Liberation de Paris

This museum is dedicated to General Philippe Leclerc who worked alongside General de Gaulle and was instrumental in the liberation of Paris during World War II, after the capture of the German Commander Von Cholitz.
- Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque
- The Liberation of Paris in World War II

La Coupole Brasserie in Paris

The La Coupole brasserie in Paris is probably one of the most famous brasseries in the world, with famous people like Man Ray, Pablo Picasso, Mistinguett and Josephine Baker all having enjoyed the food at this art deco brasserie.

Les Marionnettes du Champ de Mars - Puppet Show Theatre

Les Marionnettes is a puppet show theatre at the Champ de Mars park next to the Eiffel Tower, that has 300 different puppets and sets with classics like The Three Muskateers, Puss in Boots and Cinderella being performed.
- Photos of Les Marionnettes

Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature Museum

The Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature translates to the Museum of Hunting and of Nature and is an unusual museum in Paris that has objects that relate to hunting including traps, hunting horns used along with ancient weapons that were used by man like spears and crossbows, through to antique rifles and firearms.
- Hotel de Guenegaud and the History of Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature

Le Mur Pour La Paix Or The Wall For Peace

Le Mu Pour La Paix translates to the Wall for Peace and this monument in Paris is within the Champ de Mars park close to the Eiffel Tower and visitors can submit their messages of peace.
- Photos of The Wall for Peace

Musee Grevin Waxworks Museum in Paris

The Musee Grevin waxworks museum in Paris first opened in 1882, and since has increased its collection to include many famous people like Michael Jackson, Alfred Hitchcock, Elvis Presley and many more celebrities even people brought back to life from yesteryear.
- The History Of Musee Grevin
- Cafe Grevin

Musee Zadkine Museum in Paris

The Musee Zadkine in Paris is dedicated to the artist and sculptor Ossip Zadkine who moved to Paris in 1910 from Russia, and this museum can be found within the house and grounds where he lived and worked.

The Hotel Biron Mansion House and the Musee Rodin in Paris

The Hotel Biron is a mansion house in Paris that was built in the early 1700s, and has been owned by a few different people before the French state and Leonce Benedite used this mansion to house the Musee Rodin museum.

The Musee Rodin Museum in Paris

The Musee Rodin museum in Paris is dedicated to the renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin, and is housed at the Hotel Biron mansion house, which is the place where he lived and worked.

La Closerie des Lilas Restaurant And Brasserie In Paris

La Closerie des Lilas is a restaurant and brasserie within the Montparnasse area of Paris close to the Montparnasse Tower and the Gare Montparnasse train station, and is a famous meeting place for artist from all over the world.

Le Mur des Je t’Aime Is The I Love You Wall In Paris

What better place than Paris to have a monument that portrays romance and love, and this particular monument is called the Wall of I Love You, which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Musee Cernuschi Museum Holds Antiques From Japan And China

The Musee Cernuschi has a fascinating collection of antiques from Japan and China that had been collected by Enrico Cernuschi and span from the Neolithic period with some of the 5,000 works dating back to around 2000BC.

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