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Photos of Place Saint Michel Square in Paris France page 1

Now when walking around Paris you will no doubt, like we did, come across tourist attractions you did not plan to visit, but you have to stop take pictures and enjoy, well thats just what happened when we came across place Saint Michel square with its fountain called Fontaine Saint-Michel, which is the tallest fountain in Paris.

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Photo of Place Saint Michel looking towards the Pont Saint-Michel bridge over the River Seine

Place Saint Michel Square

This is a photo we took from the Place Saint Michel square in the Latin Quarter of Paris looking towards the historical building known as the Police Judiciaire,or PJ for short, which is located on the Quai des Orfevres as though you were going across the river via the Pont Saint-Michel bridge to the Ile de la Cite island.

This picture shows one of the many book stores that can be found around Place Saint Michel square

Place Saint Michel Book Store

Being located within the Latin quarter of the city, which got its name from the intellectuals and artists that frequented this area of Paris, you will find that there are still numerous book stores and stationers, just like the one you can see in this photo at the Place Saint Michel with the yellow canopy, which we took while standing at the square by the large ornate water fountain.

City life on a sunny day at Place Saint Michel

Saint-Michel Place

On a lovely day, as you can no doubt tell from the people dressed in summer clothes, we took this photo from the Place Saint Michel looking towards one of the many news stands and lamp posts along with a cafe, which you will be able to find dotted all over the city, plus there is a person using the Velib bike system just going by.

HD Photo of Fontaine Saint Michel water fountain within Saint-Michel Place

Fontaine Saint Michel

This HD photo shows Fontaine Saint Michel that was designed by Gabriel Davioud in the 1800s, and even though there was meant to be a statue of Napoleon in the centre originally, it was decided that a statue of Saint Michael would be more appropriate, and this monumental fountain located at the Place Saint Michel square, that you can see in this image, is actually the tallest in Paris, which has since become a popular tourist attraction and meeting place within this historical city.

Picture of the Best Western Premier Royal St Michel Hotel entrance in Place Saint Michel

Best Western Premier Royal St Michel Hotel

Now there are so many different cafes, brasseries and hotels in Paris to choose from and this is a photograph we took of the neon signs advertising a cafe by the Best Western hotel in the Latin quater on the Place Saint Michel, which was named after the fountain and enlarged when Paris was being redesigned by Baron Haussemann.

Photo of Saint Severin Restaurant in Place Saint Michel

Saint Severin Restaurant Paris

The Saint Severin Restaurant is located on the Place Saint Michel in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, and as you can tell from this photo they are open for breakfast and the board showed the breakfast menu in both French and English for €9.50 or add eggs and bacon for an additional €3, while we were there 2013, yet the black board to the right hand side of the image on their terrace was detailing starters and main courses available for lunch.

Saint-Michel Place is a popular tourist attraction and not far from Notre Dame Cathedral

Saint-Michel Place Tourists

The Latin Quarter and the Place Saint Michel is a very popular area of Paris, as you can tell from the amount of people that were around when we took this photo while standing in the square next to the fabulous fountain of the same name, and this area is still popular with students as it was many years ago when intellectuals spoken Latin, but the Fontaine Saint Michel and square has also become a popular tourist attraction as well.

Saint-Michel Place daily life

Saint-Michel Place

As we were standing in the Place Saint Michel square in Paris, which has become famous for its enormous ornamental fountain that is located behind us in this image, we took this photo looking at the traffic and the Police Judiciare building on the opposite bank of the River Seine in the direction of the Ile de la Cite Island.

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