Square Andre Lefevre in Paris

This is a small garden in Paris located by the Eglise Saint-Severin church, which was constructed in the 13th century and it has a childrens playground along with a statue of the poet Emile Verhaeren who met his death in a tragic accident.

About Square Andre Lefevre

This square in Paris was once the cemetery for the Saint-Severin church that was constructed in the 13th century after the former chapel was destroyed by Normans, yet a chapel attached to it was constructed by Jules Hardouin Mansart in the 1600s, and both can be visited today, yet are still a place of worship.
Square Andre Lefevre Paris
The garden itself was laid out many years later, and standing right next to a wall of the church you will find a bust of Emile Verhaeen, who was a Belgian poet that wrote in French and free verse and was very much appreciated by many other writers.  However, he met a very premature death in a tragic accident, when Emile was pushed onto the tracks and under the wheels of train, in front of a crowd that was standing on the trains platform at Rouen.

On the pedestal of this bust statue in Paris there are two inscriptions and the first reads Poete Belge ne a St Armand le 21 Mai 1855 Mort Accidentellement a Rouen le 27 Novembre 1916, which generally translates to Belgian Poet born in St Armand on 21st May 1855 Died Accidentally at Rouen on 27th November 1916.

The second inscription states that it was offered to the City of Paris by the committee of Franco-Belge and the poets name, Emile Verhaeren.  Yet on the railings close to the entrance to this garden you will see a small placque, which reads Square Andre Lefevre Litterateur Francais ne en 1831, which does not seem to completely tally date wise.  So maybe someone will be able to shed some light on these points!
Anyway, this garden in Paris has been renovated in more recent years, and there is now a small childrens playground along with numerous benches where you can sit and relax, or admire the architecture of the old church.

Visiting Square Andre Lefevre in Paris

The Square Andre Lefevre is a small garden located in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris right by the Eglise Saint-Severin church and during the warmer months it is open from 9.30am through to 8.30pm, however, it closes earlier on darker evening and in the winter months.  And you may be pleased to know that it is accessible to the disabled.

You will find the Square Andre Lefevre situated in the Latin Quarter on the left bank in the very historical area of the city close to numerous different tourist attractions in Paris such as the Thermes de Cluny Roman baths and the Caveau de la Huchette Jazz club with its medieval cellars.
Square Andre Lefevre statue
Square Andre Lefevre playground
And when it comes to getting to this square in Paris, the nearest Metro station is the Cluny - La Sorbonne stop via line 10 and from here if you walk along the Rue Saint-Jacques you can discover the Salvador Dali sundial on the corner of a building virtually opposite the square.  However, the bus numbers 63, 86 and 87 will also get you close by.