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These high definition photos show a memorial plaque located on a wall outside the Passy Cemetary in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris, that is dedicated to Georges Mandel, with the medallion being sculpted by Francois Cogne.

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Georges Mandel plaque in Place du Trocadero
This first HD photo shows the entire plaque dedicated to Georges Mandel, which as you can see has been produced in gold lettering with a bronze medallion in the top right hand corner, and this is located on the wall outside the Cimetiere de Passy along the Avenue Georges Mandel, yet very close to the Place du Trocadero.

Unfortunately we do not speak fluent French, but when you translate the writing into English, this generally reads;

Direct collaborator and confidant of Georges Clemenceau he helped at his side, from 1914 to 1918. The Moral and energy of the nation.

Minister of P.T.T. colonies and from the inside to the most critical days of 1940, he refused to accept the capitulation. Immediately arrested, jail incarcerated in prison. He was then under Hitler deported.

Sent back to France as a hostage, he was cowardly murdered by the Gestapo and the Military on 7th July 1944.

By his indomitable and exemplary patriotism. Mandel has good merit of the nation.
Bronze medallion Georges Mandel by Francois Cogne
Yet this next photograph shows a close up of the bronze medallion located on the plaque, and as you can see this was produced by Francois Cogne, who was born in August 1876, and becoming a French sculptor, he produced numerous official portraits of many people.

In fact, Francois Cogne was the artist that sculpted the statue of Georges Clemenceau, which can be found on the opposite side of the River Seine by the Avenue des Champs Elysees close to the Petit Palais, and this is quite fitting that he would also produce the medallion for Georges Mandel, the right hand man of Clemenceau during World War I.

Now there is a monument to Georges Mandel at the place where he was murdered during World War II, which is located just outside of Paris close to Fontainebleu, that was sculpted by Francois Cogne, but he was buried in Passy Cemetery and the artist also produced the medallion you can see on his grave, so hence why there is a plaque on the wall right there.

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