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If you enjoy history and like visiting museums then Paris should be on the top of your list of places to visit, as you can find so many different types of museums covering most subjects including popular artists who have connections with the city, it would be wise to plan ahead before your travel to Paris.

Paris museums

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Musee Adam Mickiewicz Museum

The Adam Mickiewicz Museum in Paris holds personal items dedicated to the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz who resided in Paris for a part of his life.

Galeries d'Anatomie Comparee et de Paleontologie Fossil Museum

The Galeries d'Anatomie Comparee et de Paleontologie is a museum that holds a remarkable collection of fossils from dinosaur skeletons through to plant fossils.

Musee Galliera Fashion Museum In Paris

The Musee Galliera in Paris is located within the Palais Galliera and houses one of the worlds finest fashion collections dating way back from the 18th century.

Pavillon de l’Arsenal Museum And Exhibition Centre

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal museum and exhibition centre now has the first digital and interactive model of Paris installed in partnership with Google and JCDecaux.

Le Manoir de Paris Horror Museum Tours And Shows

The Manoir de Paris Horror Museum is unusual tourist attraction that is more like a theatrical show where you can discover horrifying and strange facts about Paris.

Musee National du Sport Museum In France

The Musee National du Sport is dedicated to the history of sport including French champions, but has moved and will be re-opening its doors in Nice.

La Salle de Traditions de la Garde Republicaine Museum

This museum in Paris is dedicated to the Republican Guard and shows the traditional aspects of the French cavalry, infantry and military bands.

Fondation Pierre Berge - Yves Saint Laurent Museum

This museum in Paris set up to preserve the memory of the haute couture fashion of Yves Saint Laurent fashion house that closed its doors in 2002

Petit Musee de la Table de La Tour d’Argent

This museum in Paris is linked to the famous restaurant the Tour d’Argent, and holds letters and notes written to the restaurant from famous people.

Musee Des Arts Et Metiers

The Musee des Arts et Metiers is the national French museum for science, technology and instruments and holds items like clocks, planes and egines.

Musee de Radio France And The Maison de Radio France

Unfortunately the Musee de Radio France has closed its doors, but the building can still be visited plus they hold different concerts and temporary exhibitions.

Societe Historique et Litteraire Polonaise

Founded in the 1830s this Polish library is also home to three museums that holds archives from the 19th century emigration, letters, works of art and literature.

The Atelier Brancusi Museum Of Modern Art

This museum in Paris located at the Pompidou Centre is dedicated to the artist Constantin Brancusi, who was a sculptor of modern art and abstract sculptures.

Musee des Archives Nationales

This Paris museum in Hotel de Soubise in the 3rd Arrondissement and shows permanent exhibits of government archives along with temporary exhibitions.

The Musee Cognacq-Jay Museum

This Paris museum holds 18th century works including paintings, miniatures, furniture, miniatures, decorative arts all showcased in a 17th century mansion.

Grande Galerie de l’Evolution Museum

The Grande Galerie de l’Evolution is a historical museum that is part of the Natural History Museum in Paris which is located within the Jardin des Plantes.

Musee De l’Orangerie In The Tuileries Gardens

This Paris museum located in the Tuileries Gardens, houses the famous water lily murals from Claude Monet and paintings from Picasso, Renoir, Cezanne etc.
- Photos of Musee De l’Orangerie

Musee Du Service De Sante Des Armees

This Paris museum provides exhibits relating to the medical support of the armed forces including historical exhibits, underwater and aerospace medicine.

Musee Moissan - Henri Moissan Museum In Paris

This small museum in Paris is dedicated to the French chemist Henri Moissan who developed the electric arc furnace back in 1892 which changed chemistry.

Musee Des Monnaies, Medailles Et Antiques

The Musee des Monnaies, Medailles et Antiques in Paris has a collection of over 500,000 coins including French, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Egypt and Asia coins.

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