This location is now closed with no re-opening date.
The following article is left as-is for historical and archiving purposes.

Musee National du Sport museum

Originally founded in 1922 this museum has had a turbulent history, yet is a must see for anyone interested in all kind of sports, and history including French champions, but once again it closed its doors in Paris and is moving to Nice.

About the Musee National du Sport Museum

The idea of setting up a museum dedicated to sports was instigated by the French war minister in 1922, as he was also in charge of sports at the time, but by the 1940s, it had become exceedingly outdated and was subsequently closed.
Musee National du Sport
However, the Musee National du Sport was re-established in 1963 by the secretary of state for youth and sports, and it was located within the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris.  But yet again it moved premises in 2008 to another location in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris.

With over 100,000 items all relating to French sports from the 16th century, the history of the Olympic games from 1896 along with numerous items relating French sporting stars, this new location was deemed inappropriate, and has closed its doors once again.

In fact, a purpose built centre has been designed on the French Riviera in Nice to display the unique collection of items including sports equipment, drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc.
This in itself was an enormous undertaking, ensuring that around 45,000 different objects including a vast poster collection, and approximately 400,000 documents were transported from the museum in Paris to its new dedicated location, which took place in 2013.

So although it is still located and classified as a Museum of France that reopened its doors at the Stade Allianz Riviera in 2014, unfortunately you will not be able to visit this fantastic museum in Paris any longer, but if you do happen to be in Nice, then it is well worth a visit.

Address and contact details

Paris Museum CLOSED
Re-Opened in Nice

Musee National du Sport, Stade Allianz Riviera, Bd des Jardiniers, 06203, Nice

Mobile Tel: +33 (0) 6 16 81 00 82