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Squares in Paris France - Page 2

You can find numerous squares in Paris and many of these have a rich history behind them, like the Place Joachim du Bellay that has the oldest monumental fountain in paris dating from the 1500s, or the more well know Place de la Concorde, that is home to the oldest monument in Paris called the Luxor Obelisk.

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Place Joachim-du-Bellay or Square des Innocents in Paris
The Place Joachim du Bellay square in Paris is often known as the Square des Innocents due to its fountain in the middle called the Fontaine des Innocents.

Place de l’Hotel de Ville Square
This square is located in front of the City Hall in Paris which is called Hotel de Ville, and has history dating back to the 1200s when it was called Place de Greve.

Place Igor Stravinsky Square in Paris
This small square in Paris is situated by the Pompidou Centre and has modern fountains with moving parts and bright colours that delight the children.

Square de I'Ile-de-France In Paris
The Square de l'Ile de France is a small park with garden that is located on the East end of the Ile de la Cite Island close to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Square Bela Bartok In Paris
You will find that the Square Bela Bartok in Paris has a pretty garden along with a bronze statue and an unusual modern style water fountain inside its grounds.

Square Jean XXIII At Notre Dame
The Square Jean XXIII is located to the side and back of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and is a tranquil garden with a fountain, numerous park benches and bandstand.

Square de la Place des Martyrs Juifs du Veledrome d’Hiver
The Square de la Place des Martyrs Juifs du Veledrome d’Hiver is dedicated to the Jewish that were rounded up in Paris during World War II.

Place Joffre Square In Paris
The Place Joffre square in Paris is dedicated to Joseph Jacques Cesaire Joffre and is located in between the Ecole Militaire and the Champ de Mars Park.

Parvis Notre-Dame Called Place Jean-Paul II
The square in front of Notre Dame was originally known as the Parvis Notre-Dame, but this has been renamed in recent years and is now called Place Jean-Paul II.

Place Saint-Georges Square
The square called Place Saint-Georges in Paris is home to an unusual fountain and historical buildings including the Bibliotheque Thiers that is a library museum.

Square Georges Cain Garden
The small Square Georges Cain in Paris is home to a 17th century statue sculpted by Laurent Magnier and one from the 1990s called Rossignol de Heinz.

Place Georges Guillaumin Square
The Place Georges Guillaumin is a small square in Paris named after a councillor for the area, and located inside you will find a statue of Honore Balzac.

Place de la Porte Maillot Square
The Place de la Porte Maillot square and park is close to the Palais de Congress on the axis in between the Arc de Triomphe and the Grande Arche.

Square Barye On The Ile Saint Louis
The Square Barye is located on the tip of the Ile Saint Louis Island in Paris and has a large monument in its garden dedicated to the sculptor Antoine Louis Barye.

Place Henri Mondor Square in Paris
This square was inaugurated in 1968 and named Place Henri Mondor in honour of the French surgeon who practised in Paris at a nearby medical facility.

Square Montholon In Paris
The Montholon square in Paris was created in the 1860s and has two enormous plane trees, along with numerous other trees, bushes, flowers and large statue.

Square Andre Lefevre In Paris
The Andre Lefevre Square and garden in Paris is next to the Eglise Saint-Severin church, and has a childrens playground and statue of Emile Verhaeren.

Place de Catalogne Square In Paris
The Place de Catalogne is a modern square in the Montparnasse area of Paris, which was designed by architect Ricardo Bofill in a semi circular shape.

Place Blanche Square In Montmartre Paris
The Place Blanche is located in the Montmartre area of Paris right by the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret venue, and acts is an intersection for three city roads.

Place Valhubert Square
The Place Valhubert square is located close to Jardin des Plantes and the River Seine and was named after a military general during the reign of Napoleon I.

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Squares In Paris